What's your story?

~Olivia was happy in Australia but her Dad's job means she has to be torn away from her last year of school and thrown into the different world. Will she make friends? What about the boy with blue eyes? Find out in 'What's your story?' Short story, to be written in 8 parts~


6. Chapter Six-Coffee?

>>>Charlie's POV<<<

I'm sitting on the seat nearest the front, my bag keeping the seat to my left reserved. Leondre has Rugby to go too and I'm hoping Olivia will sit next to me. Olivia. Her slim, tanned fingers, thin but curvy body. Her long, soft hair and her eyes. Oh her eyes, the perfect shade of green. Like emeralds staring out at me. I start to worry as the minutes tick by and she still hasn't arrived. I peer anxiously out of the window as we start to move towards the exit. Suddenly I see her and my heart shatters. There she is, crouching against a wall, her knuckles white from clutching her sleeves too hard. I immediately tell the driver to stop and run out. Splashing through the puddles I reach her shivering figure. "Olivia, are you okay?" I ask. Stupid question, of course she's not. Her eyes shoot open and she stares at me before bursting into tears. My stomach churns, seeing her hurting is killing me inside. I reach out and pull her towards me. Not caring that I've only met her properly today. She sobs quietly and I rub circles into her back until she calms down. She looks at me and says "Thank you." Black streams of makeup have stained her cheeks and I pull on my sleeve to wipe them away. She giggles and stands. Jumping up I ask another question. "Shall we go home?" her face turns a delicate shade of pink and she replies "yes please." We exit the school and start the 30 minute walk home. We walk in silence for a few minutes before her beautiful voice speaks "Sorry about that, you probably think I'm a freak now." She pauses awkwardly. I can't believe she thinks that, "I'd never think you're a freak." I reply.

>>>Olivia's POV<<<

He tells me he'd never think I'm a freak and my heart speeds uncontrollably. If only that was true. We're nearing the estate but I don't want to go home to an empty house. I want to stay with Charlie. Now's the time to do it. I know where there's a starbucks, just around the corner from here. It's now or never, "wanna go for coffee?" I say nervously. I suddenly feel my stomach clench and I think of what to do if he says no. My heart sinks as I realise he probably will. I stare at the floor and wait for his response. "Yeah sure" he says glancing sideways at me. My heart flutters and I feel my cheek tinge pink yet again. "Okay." I say smiling.

Charlie picks a table in a cosy corner, "what would you like?" he asks. I order the first drink that comes to mind. "Mocha cookie crumble" I say swallowing the lump that threatens to arise. He nods and disappears to join the queue. After 5 minutes he appears with two drinks and a large muffin. Smiling he drops his bag to the floor and pulls back a chair. When he's passed me my drink and refused my money he smiles and asks "What's your story?"

>>>Charlie's POV<<<

"Well I was born in Florida but moved to Perth when I was 3 months old. I moved here with my Dad 5 weeks ago.. What about you?" she says. "Well, not nearly as interesting as you. I've lived here in Bristol all my life. My best friend is Leondre and I'm 17." I say. Her little dimple on her left cheek appears as she smiles. "I'm 17 too" she says "when's your birthday?" I have to tear my eyes away from her beautiful face and sip my coffee. "27th October" I reply, "when's yours?" She sips her drink too before saying "March 28th"

We finished our coffee but didn't leave. We chatted for ages, about life, hopes, dreams, school. It was coming up 5 when she said "I better go, my Dad'll be home soon and I need to make dinner" Of course, I should leave but I wish we could stay for longer. "Yeah" is all I say. We walk along the street until Olivia stops, "this is my house" she states. Now's the time I say goodbye, but something is nagging in my mind. I want to keep talking to her. "Can I have your number?" I ask nervously. Her cheeks tint and my heart races. "Yeah, it's 03649311763" I quickly type it into my phone. "Great" I say feeling my own cheeks roast. "I'll see you tomorrow?" I ask. She smiles, "Yeah" she walks towards the door and turns back to smile, "Bye Charlie." I wave and turn as if to walk away. I hear the door click behind her and turn back to check she's inside. As I wander towards the house my heart stutters uncontrollably. I've got her number, I think as I enter the house. I've got it.

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