What's your story?

~Olivia was happy in Australia but her Dad's job means she has to be torn away from her last year of school and thrown into the different world. Will she make friends? What about the boy with blue eyes? Find out in 'What's your story?' Short story, to be written in 8 parts~


4. Chapter Four-Welcome to Bristol High

>>>Olivia's POV<<<

When we reach the school I fumble my way to reception. A jolly lady with red hair and a purple blouse greets me and asks "how can I help you!" At least she's nice. "I'm Olivia Holt, a new student here?" I ask nervously. "Oh yes, Welcome to Bristol High. Your in Reg GFP. Mr Prince." She pulls out a planner and prints me a map, smiling she draws a circle around my registration and also points out where my first class is. "You've missed 10 minutes of Reg so you can go straight to your first class" she says with a smile. I'm suddenly very grateful for this kind lady and reply "thank you very much for your help" before exiting and walking towards my first lesson. History with Mr Nelson. As I reach H10 the bell rings signalling end of registration. I wonder who'll be in my class. Will the boy be here? I lean against a wall and hope for the best. Everyone files in and crowd around me, chatting in groups, already established friends. My stomach churns nervously as I stand alone in the corner. Then a pretty girl walks towards me. She is medium height with long straight hair, dyed ombré. With a subtle nose piercing and cute dimples she instantly makes me feel welcome. "Hello! My name's Molly. What's yours?" She asks politely. "Hey Molly, I'm Olivia" I say with a smile. She smiles wider and says "Your from Australia?" Questioningly. "yep" I reply popping the 'p'. Molly's about to reply when a man who introduced himself as Mr Nelson calls us into class. Molly invites me to sit with her near the middle of class. I happily accept and plop my bag onto the floor next to me. I fumble around getting my pencil case and when I look up I realise who's siting the next desk away. The boy. He was looking at me but when I look his gaze drops and he stares rigidly at the board in front. Mr Nelson starts the lesson and everyone chats quietly as he passes around books and puts a list of rules on the board for us to copy into the front. Molly leans towards me and asks me about my life. We chat away but occasionally my eyes shift to the boy, sitting 1/2 a metre away. The minutes tick by like hours as every muscle in my body tenses at the closeness of him. When the bell finally rings I shove my stuff into my bag and turn to Molly. "What do you have next?" she asks. Quickly consulting my planner I announce "Art, with Miss Greene" Her brow furrows and she replies "Ohhh, I have PSE.." I'm about to tell her it's okay, I have a map when someone speaks up from behind me. "I've got Art, you wanna walk with me?" I only heard him speak once but I'd recognise that voice anywhere. It's the boy. I turn to see him leaning against the desk holding his planner. "Umm, sure" I say trying to keep my nervous stammer at bay. Molly smiles and says "okay, I'll see you later.." She must have noticed my gulp because when she walked behind him she raises an eyebrow. I ignore it and shove my planner back into my bag. The boy smiles and starts to walk towards the door. When we're in the corridor he speaks up again. "Dropped any more magazines recently?" he asks with a cheeky smirk. "Nope, perfectly okay" I say suppressing a giggle. "Okay, I'm Charlie by the way" he says pushing open a door to reveal a stairway. "Hey Charlie, I'm Olivia" I say. My stomach clenches as I say his name over and over in my mind. Charlie. It's perfect. It suits him to a T. His cheeks crease and the perfect dimples make an appearance again. "Cute." he says, feeling a blush rise to my cheeks I smile and stare around. Wow, I'm shocked to see the walls curve into a tunnel and are covered in paintings. People, animals, instruments, song lyrics, short poems. It's truly beautiful. We reach a door labeled in black marker as 'ART2'. Charlie leans against the wall and I do the same. "So where-" he starts to speak but he's suddenly falling to the floor. Behind him is the boy from the bus stop. His cheeky giggle is contagious and soon I'm laughing. Charlie's face turns bright red and he struggles to stand but this cheeky chap has other ideas. Keeping his foot on Charlie's bag strap he sticks out a hand. "I'm Leondre, Charlies friend. What's your name?" he says in a rush, smiling I take his hand and reply "Olivia." Suddenly Charlie manages to escape and shoves Leondre in a teasing manner. His embarrassed expression and Leondre's laughter is enough to reduce me to tears. Happy tears though. Miss Greene appears and orders us into the classroom.

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