What's your story?

~Olivia was happy in Australia but her Dad's job means she has to be torn away from her last year of school and thrown into the different world. Will she make friends? What about the boy with blue eyes? Find out in 'What's your story?' Short story, to be written in 8 parts~


5. Chapter Five-New friends

>>>Olivia's POV<<<

Art was pretty fun, we were given art books and instructed to paint the covers however we liked. I spent the lesson quietly in my seat next to a girl called Sophie, painting flowers with acrylics. My book comes to life and I'm happy with the outcome. When the lessons over we file out and I'm quickly joined by Charlie, Leondre and Molly. "Hey Charlie, Leondre, how was your summer?" Molly asks politely. "Alright" is Charlie's curt reply, I glance over at his short reply and find him staring back at me. I blush and look down. Leondre starts his race that is his voice to tell us how he went to Greece and got bitten 11 times by a mosquito. We soon reach 'Snack Bar One' and Molly steers me towards the loos. "COME HERE" she says persistently. Wondering what's wrong I follow her in and she immediately pounces on me. "What's going on with you and Charlie then?" My eyebrows furrow and she continues "him and Leondre always keep to themselves, suddenly they're hanging out with us?" a faint blush creeps onto my cheeks. "Really?" I ask. "Yes." she says smiling. She gives me a quick squeeze and says "I think he likes you" before winking and dragging my back to the snack bar. Charlie appears holding three cookies. He hands me and Molly one each and munches on the one he kept for himself. Molly's eyes widen for a second before sinking her teeth into the chocolate cookie. Smiling I take a bite and murmur "thanks."

The rest of the day flies by and before I know it the bells ringing to sign the end of the day. I shove my stuff into my bag and walk slowly out to the school yard. I'm suddenly freaked out by the queue of buses. Which ones mine! At my old school there was a designated area for each bus. Here it's chaos. My heart races and I start to panic, which ones mine? What if I can't find it? What if I miss the bus? Dad's in work, I don't know the way. My eyes dart around looking for some sign of my bus but I'm completely lost. I walk towards the closest wall and lean against it fighting for breath. Great. A panic attack, on my first day. My knees buckle and I slide down to the floor. Sitting there I shut my eyes and slowly count to 10. I give myself 10 seconds the panic and then I'll get up and find a way to get home. I'm at around 5 when I hear the buses start to leave. Okay. This is better, I'll find my way home. The noisy exhausts and squeaking tyres start to dim and I think they're all gone when I hear the screech of a door open and someone's footprints splashing through puddles. I didn't even notice it was raining. I'm about to get up when this person kneels down beside me. Then my worst nightmare comes true. "Olivia? Are you okay?" his voice bounces around in my head and I curse myself. Why did this have to happen? Now he thinks I'm a right freak. I open my eyes and when I see his concerned expression burst into tears. Great.

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