I want a best friend:
Someone who will hug me tight when I'm down.
Someone who will beat up the guys that hurt me.
Someone who knows every single detail about me.
Someone who will make laugh until I cry.
Someone I can be myself with.
Someone who won't cause too much fucking drama.

Someone who keeps all of his promises.

Someone who I will eventually fall in love... And someone who will eventually love me back.


9. Nine


Chapter Eight



I was on my bunk inside the bus, deciding in whether or not I should open my laptop and check out my twitter and tumblr, and all of the internet things. Ever since the exposure, people started stalking Slate so that they could find me and well, fangirls know how to work. Slate had told me to not care about the hate, and that he knew they were going to be hurtful, but that the only way to stop them was to ignore them.... And let's be serious, I'm pretty good at ignoring.


"Scotland?" I heard Brian call out. "I know that you are here." He chuckled. "Slate asked me to come and get you."

"What for?" I questioned climbing down from my bunk. "Why would Slate want me for?"

"I know that you might not want this, but-" Brian smiled and I rolled my eyes. "There is a soundcheck party, meaning that some fans are going to be there, and he wants for you to meet them and answer a couple of questions so that you realise that they are not evil."

I gave him a confused face. "When did I call fans evil?" I questioned frowning. 

Brian shrugged. "Come on Scot." He winked and I rolled my eyes. 

"Fine." I crinkled my nose. "Let me put some shoes first."


Brian nodded as he grabbed my phone. When I tied my vans, I hoped on his back and we made our way to the arena. Ronald was still on the tour, not because Slate wanted, but because his 'boss' had told him that they had to wait until we left for Europe before changing him, though, he was not going to be sleeping in the same bus as we did, which meant more space for us three. 


The fans were already lined up since the night before, and when they saw Brian carrying me towards the stage they went crazy. Apparently some of them were super happy that my name and self was out as they wanted to be my friends, because my best friend was Slate Hunter...


When we were near the stage, I got off from Brian and ran over towards Slate whom had his back to me and was having a word with the drummer dude, who's name is Mike, (I believe). The grin on my face was never going to get off, I mean, I loved being with Slate, just seeing him on a photo could make my day.


"SLAATE!" I shouted as I hugged him from behind. 

"Princess!" He laughed as he tried to hold me in place. "How are you?" 

"Better now." I kissed his cheek. "Can I get off now?" 

"No." Slate laughed and positioned me so that he was giving me a piggy-back-ride. "Let's get the fans here!"


Brain grabbed his banjo and winked over my way as Slate positioned himself on the mic, with me on his back. I turned around and saw that Ronald was taking his place, but he made no eye-contact with anyone. 


I was about to question something when a bunch of screaming and crying caught my attention I moved my head to the side and rested on Slate's shoulder and my eyes widened when I saw at least thirty girls shouting holding signs for my dear friend. I scuffed and Slate chuckled.


"You're not jealous right?" Slate questioned me. 

"Oh please." I rolled my eyes. "As you would ever have one of those girls on your back." 

Slate smiled and tried to kiss my cheek but failed and kissed me near my mouth. "You know that I only belong to you Scotty." I blushed and hid myself behind his neck, causing him to laugh before grabbing the mic. "HELLO!" He shouted and everyone screamed louder. "Let's settle down okay?" 

I poked my head from behind Slate's and people became to shout louder. "No need to scream." I rolled my eyes and people calmed down. "They can listen to me?" I whispered to Slate and he laughed. 

"Yes, Scotty." He chuckled. "Want to get down so that I can present you better?"

"Nah." I laughed but got down either way. Brian came to my side and handed me the banjo with which I had been practicing with him. "Hi!" I gave a small wave. 

"As you all know." Slate started and swing an arm around my shoulders. "Scotland aka Scotty is my best friend. AND-" Slate tickled me. "I want you all to welcome her. She's been the person who has supported me since the beginning, that one who has put up with me and my constant mood swings-"

"Quite a lot." I murmured cutting him off, causing him to tickle me some more. 

"She's not only my biggest fan, or my best friend, she is the reason I do this, she encouraged me, she's the girl I love." He said the last part staring at me and I could feel myself getting hypnotised by his eyes. My nose crinkled as I blush causing both Brian and Slate to laugh. 

I rolled my eyes and grabbed the mic. "Yeah, ignore Mr. I'm so sentimental here." I laughed. "My name is Scotland Inn, Scotty to Slate, and Scot to Brian, if you get new nicknames don't hesitate to throw them." I winked. "Umm, I know that they are supposed to sing, but I will answer three questions before I run away from the stage and sleep." I gained laughs. 


I sat at the border and saw how everyone raised their hand. I laughed and pointed at a girl wearing a green shirt at the back. "Ask away girl!" 

"Are you and Slate hiding a relationship?" She questioned. 

"No." I smiled. "Slate and I are best friends." I said and turned to Slate who seemed to have a pained expression. "Right?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Best Friends." Slate replied and I nodded. 

"Pigtails!" I exclaimed at a small girl. 

"Why are you so beautiful?" She questioned and I stared at the crowd with widen eyes. I hate being questioned that, I don't consider myself so beautiful.

"I uh-" I scratched my neck. "Because my parents loved me very much." I smiled. "You are gorgeous too." The girl giggled. "Purple pants." 

"Does Slate have another nickname for you?" She questioned. 

"Yes." Slate replied. "I sometimes call her princess." He blushed and I stood up to hug him. 

"Fellas, I will now leave you with my dorky friend Brian, Ronald, and my best friend Slate." I kissed Slate cheek. "I love you." I whispered to his ear and waved before walking out of the stage. 


What the hell? Was I getting all butterfly eating my stomach because Slate was calling me sweet names? Scotland, get your shit together. Do you like Slate Hunter aka your best friend? 


Oh shit...






















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