I want a best friend:
Someone who will hug me tight when I'm down.
Someone who will beat up the guys that hurt me.
Someone who knows every single detail about me.
Someone who will make laugh until I cry.
Someone I can be myself with.
Someone who won't cause too much fucking drama.

Someone who keeps all of his promises.

Someone who I will eventually fall in love... And someone who will eventually love me back.


8. Eight


Chapter Seven



Ever since the stunt that Ronald did, everyone seemed to be annoyed with him. When I say everyone I am talking about Slate and Brian. They weren't on talking terms and I was scared of that, I knew that what he had done wasn't the best thing, but there was no reason for them to hate Ronald.


"Slate!" I shouted as I walked out of the bathroom. "Slate fella! Where are you?" 

"Over here Scotty!" Slate shouted poking his head out. "Is there something you need princess?"

"Hey." I smiled and hugged him. "I just want to hang out. Only you and me." 

Slate chuckled and kissed my head. "Sure princess, we can hang out. Just you and me." 


He grabbed my hand and we walked over to the tour bus. We still had like the whole day before the other concert tonight. Everyone was hanging on the backstage, but if we wanted privacy (and no you perverts, we are only going to watch movies) we had to move away from Brian and Ronald. 


"What movie do you want to see?" Slate questioned as we entered the tour bus. "I think that I have a couple of marvel movies on my laptop." 

"I have scary movies on mine." I nudged him. "What should we watch?" 

"A scary and a marvel one." Slate winked at me. "Get your laptop and meet me at the living room."

"Here?" I questioned and he nodded. 


I walked and grabbed my laptop and made my way towards the living room. Slate was preparing the popcorn and sweets, due to the fact that his computer was already set up with Captain America and The Winter Soldier. I rolled my eyes and prepared my laptop with Silent Hill. It was some sort of weird tradition we got when we did sleepovers. We either wanted to watch a different movie so we would place both movies and try to create our own with them. 


"Are we ready for a movie marathon?" Slate questioned and I winked. "Come here then princess." He smiled as he motioned me to snuggle with him. 

I smiled at him and pressed my back to his chest. I immediately felt safe, that was the thing with Slate, he could make me feel safe with only a look. "Play." I said as we pressed play to both our movies. 




I snuggled more into the softness that was embracing me. I half opened my eye and figure out that I was covered in a sheet and pillows were placed all around me. I rubbed my eyes and sat up staring at the empty couch. I sighed and started looking for my things, only to find out that Slate had cleaned everything. 


"You're up." I heard Ronald's voice. 

"Yeah why?" I questioned. 

"I want to apologise." Ronald smiled as he placed a camera on the counter. I raised an eyebrow and he turned to it. "It's off, we are filming a video in a few." 

"Oh." I yawned. "You want to apologise?" 

"Yes." He sighed. "I was so out of line when I did that Scotland, you are Slate's best friend, meaning that you are a friend of mines. I know that you are trying to keep yourself out of the spotlight, the reasons, I might never know, but for whatever, I should respect that." 

"I'm glad you decided to respect my own point of view Ronald." I smiled. "I really do. So yes, I forgive you. We all commit accidents and most of the times we act without thinking."

"Yeah." Ronald smiled. He opened his mouth to say something when Slate and Brian barged into the tour bus, pissed as fuck may I add. 

"HOW DARE YOU TRICK HER LIKE THAT!" Slate shouted before throwing the camera to the floor. 

I frowned confused and stood up. "What is going on?" 

Brian came up with a laptop and opened on the webpage they had to upload their videos. "He tricked you." He said. "He recorded you on the camera and now the world knows that you are Slate's best friend." 

I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. I closed it and tried to calm my raising breath. I took a step closer to Ronald. "You deserve to burn in hell." I snarled at him before slapping his face and running out of the bus. 


How dare Ronald do something like that? I really thought that he was going to apologise, he seems so genuine. Tears were falling down, and I realised about them until I felt a finger cleaning them. I opened my eyes and Slate was there. I hugged him and pressed my face to his chest. 


"I'm sorry princess." Slate said. "I promised to protect you. I swore to do so, and I'm going to keep my promise." He kissed my head. "I will not let anyone send you hate." 

"Why would he do that?" I cried. 

"Because he is stupid." Slate sighed. "Do you want to go back to the bus?" 

"No." I whispered. 

"Come here." Slate said and he picked me up bridal style. "Let's get you to my dressing room." 

"I hate him Slate." I said. "I hate him so much." 

"Don't waste your energy hating someone who's not worth it." Slate said. "Cold coffee?"

I nodded and closed my eyes. 


He was my best friend and saviour. 













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