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So this is basically where demigods are on Facebook!!!!!!!!!! Originally,on Wattpad(another reading and writing site), an author, MidnightDawn_, now known as neige- created Percy Jackson Discovers Facebook and there wasn't one of those on Movellas, so I created one! The characters from HoO are in this too so yeah. Please read it!


3. Thali-what?

~Aphrodite has updated her status~

Couples I ship: Percabeth,Jiper,Thalico,Jeleo,Frazel, leyna... I'd say like,way more but I don't have enough time to talk the talk! I need to walk the walk!*snaps fingers in Z formation*


Jennifer Potter: What on earth is Jeleo?

Aphrodite: You and Leo.

Jennifer Potter: Ok... Luv ya Leo!

Leo Valdez: What do you want me to get you NOW?

Jennifer Potter: Fine I don't luv you then. Apparently I can't say "Luv you" without Leo thinking I want something... And how can you ship Leo and I but also ship Leo and Reyna?

Aphrodite: I ship everyone hon!

Piper McLean: Mother, what exactly do you mean walk the walk and talk the talk?

Aphrodite: it means instead of talking about couples, I need to make them!

~Aphrodite had logged off to do her couple magic~

Thalia Grace: what's Thalico?

~Aphrodite has logged on to explain Thalico~

Nico Di Angelo: Thali-what?

Aphrodite: Thalico sweetie!

Nico Di Angelo: (╯°Д°)╯︵ /(.□ . \)<-----Aphrodite

Aphrodite: ಠ_ಠ

Thalia Grace: (O_O) Why am I shipped with DEATH BREATH?!?!?

Aphrodite: because you would be cute!

~Thalia has logged off to murder Aphrodite~

~Aphrodite has logged off to run away from a murderous Thalia~

Artemis: I'm glad she doesn't like that Hades spawn

Hades: I'm right here you know!

Artemis: I'm talking about your child

Nico Di Angelo: I'm right here you know!

Percy Jackson: Like father, like son!

Annabeth Chase: ha Percy said something SMART!

Nico Di Angelo: says the person who is like a Poseidon Jr.

Artemis: we are going off the subject! THE HADES SCUM IS SHIPPED WITH MY HUNTER!!!!!!!!!

Everyone: *continues arguing*

~Off Facebook~

Aphrodite's pov

I'm sick and tired of Arty destroying my ships! Maybe just a little couple magic to mess with her to see what it feels like>:)

Thalia's pov

I was walking around in the woods when some sort of pink fog came over me. I smelled horrible like...APRODITE. That was my last thought before I blacked out.

I woke to a pair of grey eyes looking down at me. I sat up and looked around. I was in the infirmary. And Nico was on the bed next to mine knocked out... He did look sorta cute. Wait! What? I'm a hunter for gods sake! But he looks adorable... " Thalia! Earth to Thalia! Why are staring at Nico?" Annabeth's voice snapped me out of my thoughts and I realized I was blushing a deep red. "Why am I here?" "We found you unconscious in the forest." "Oh" I got up and said bye to Annabeth. Then I walked to the Artemis cabin. I headed inside and collapsed on my bed. I felt weird. I decided I would walk for a bit so I went and walked in the forest. I walked to Zeus' fist and sat down on a rock. I closed my eyes and began to relax when I heard a rustling sound. I popped one eye open to see Nico. Gods he looks cute... I got up and faced Nico. "What are you doing here?" I said. Nico shrugged. "Didn't know you were here." He said calmly. We sat and talked. "So Thalia, I have something to tell you." Nico said nervously twisting his skull ring. " Yes?" I asked. "I erm... Like you." I smiled. "I guess I do too" I said. Nico leaned in and I ended up kissing him. When we broke apart, I looked at him. "I'm going to quit the hunters" I said. He gave me a look used among demigods. The "Do you want to get killed by a god?" look. "I will if you help me" I said simply. I didn't wait for an answer and pulled him through the forest.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~line break~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Nico's pov

Thalia dragged me through the forest to my doom. Artemis will flip if she finds out Thalia was quitting because of me! Well world, it was good while life lasts. I took my phone out on the way.


~Nico Di Angelo started a private conversation with Hades~

Nico Di Angelo: I will see you later dad

Hades: REALLY! Yay! Wait ,why?

Nico Di Angelo: Artemis is going to kill me


~Off Facebook~

Still Nico's pov.

I looked up from my phone, realizing I wasn't in the forest anymore. I was way too close to my death for my liking. I sighed and put away my phone and continued remembering my life and how precious my life is. How fragile it is. And how easily Artemis can zap me and all this*mentally spreads arms at camp and Thalia* could be taken away from me. Soon, we were in front of the Artemis cabin where my death will take place. Thalia took my hands and looked me in the eye. "Please Nico. If I need to be backed up at all please back me up and DO NOT JUST STAND THERE LIKE AN IDIOT." I agreed and we walked in keeping just enough space between each other.

CLIFFY!! I feel like Uncle Ricky! But well, I am sorry for not updating sooner I have a lot of school work and yeah PLUS WE DAY is tomorrow and I have to get ready for that too... So yea and I just am going through my Thalico faze at this point so excuse how much Thalico there will be... And Percabeth... Whatever but yea hope you like it!

- Percypotterluver3000 aka xxThalicoxx on Wattpad

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