Son of Poseidon on Facebook

So this is basically where demigods are on Facebook!!!!!!!!!! Originally,on Wattpad(another reading and writing site), an author, MidnightDawn_, now known as neige- created Percy Jackson Discovers Facebook and there wasn't one of those on Movellas, so I created one! The characters from HoO are in this too so yeah. Please read it!


6. DRAMA!!!!

Soo, last we left off there was major drama and I think you want to find out what happens. So, READ ON!

Jenn's pov.

'All was well' I finished reading the Harry Potter series for the second time in a row and sighed. I want to know who Leo chooses. I mean, I can't sleep. I really wish someone cared for me.

Leo's pov

I need to decide... Calypso was the first of my crushes to like me back, but I'm supposed to be dating Jenn right now and I really love her... You know what, I have a plan. I know who I choose.

Calypso's pov

I was lying on the beach when Leo came up to me and sat down. "I want to go out with you..." Leo said and I completely mentally rejoiced. "Come on! " I yelled and grabbed Leo and my stuff and I ran to get onto Facebook.


~Leo Valdez is now in a relationship with Calypso~

Calypso is now in a relationship with Leo Valdez~


Jennifer Potter: …

~Jennifer Potter has logged off~

Annabeth Chase: Leo I thought you were considerate and kind. I guess I hadn't known this side. The side that toys with someone's emotions and crushes them.

~Annabeth Chase has logged off~

Leo Valdez: …

Calypso: It's okay! We can start our workshop now! You don't even need them!

~Leo Valdez has logged off~

Jennifer's pov.

I smashed my phone on the side of Zeus' fist and began to climb. No one loved me. Leo was the only one who cared for me. They all didn't.(A/N This is all part of her past. I will do a small chapter explaining it) I reached the top. Sadness washed over me. Stupid curse. I crossed my arms on my chest and closed my eyes. I began to lean backward off the cliff. I fell over the cliff and my arms flailed naturally when another hand shot out and grabbed my hand at the last second. I was pulled up and faced...

CLIFFIE! Although not a big one. Jenn's past is very sad and depriving so I will publish her past as a bonus. Not much Facebook, sorry but this needs to happen outside it. I brings in more than what bargained for. Bye!

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