This Wasn't Supposed To Happen

I Hermione Granger have always wanted to be Head Girl. But when Fred died i didnt want to do anything except sit by him. i even sometimes slept next to George. But Fred came back alive. I even made them both come to Hogwarts with me. They said it was fine because they were gong to open another WWW at Zonkos. McGonagall asked if i wanted to be Head Girl. I of course got it but who is Head Boy? Harry said he didn't want it, Ron cant do it because he is stupid. I don't know any one else. Hell i don't even know whos coming for the seventh year. I did not expect this when i walked on the train


1. Authors Note

1. Fred Weasley didnt die because i said so

2.Dumbledore didnt die either because i said so or he dies and hes a painting

3.This isnt your normal Dramione

4.Fred and George Weasley go back to Hogwarts because Hermione wants them to

5. If you dont like Dramione and temporarily fremione dont read 

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