14 and pregnant

Blake Lucia Evens is your normal 14 year old girl. She loves Movies and having fun. The only difference between normal 14 year olds and Blake is that she's pregnant. To make matters worst the father of Blake's baby is non-other than Niall horan. Blake found out she was pregnant after Niall (16) left for X-factor. Blake never saw Niall again until 3 years later. How will Niall react when he finds out he has a son? How will Blake explain to him why she didn't tell him?
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2. X-Factor

Chapter 2: X-factor

Description: Niall tells Blake about X-factor.


Blake's POV

I woke up by my phone ringing. It's been a week since I found out I was pregnant. I still haven't told Niall.

"Hello?" I asked into the phone.

"Blake meet me at the park" I heard Niall say before hanging up. It was Saturday. I looked at my clock and it read 2 pm. The twins are at day care Mum's at work. Patrick is at work- My mum's husband- and I am at home.

I got out of bed and slipped on my converses. I was wearing blue fuzy shorts with ducks on them and a Night shirt that said 'This girl is a pain' and has two thumbs pointing up.

I walked down the steps and out the door. I walked to the small park near my house and I saw Niall sitting on a bench.

"Hey" I said. Niall looked sad.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Blake I'm breaking up with you. I'm leaving for X-factor tomorrow" He told me. 

"N-No you can't break up with me" I said. Tears starting to form in my eyes.

"I can break up with you. I am breaking up with you. I'm sorry" He said. He got closer to me but I put my hands on his chest pushing him back.


"Sorry doesn't change anything! I hate you" I yelled and ran home.


3 years later.......

 "Joey honey come here" I called out to my 2 year old son.

Joey wobbled into my room. I guess he was playing with the twins.

"You hungry baby?" I asked.

"Wes Mummy" He said. I smiled. I stood up and picked him up. I put him on my hip and walked down stairs.

"Gam-ma!" Joey screamed.

"Joseph!!" She screamed back and took him from my arms.

"Are you watching him tomorrow while I go to school or am I dropping him off at day care?" I asked.

"I would watch him doll but I have work." She said. I smiled.

"It's okay mum." I said. I kissed her cheek and took Joey from her. I sat him in his high chair and cooked him some Mac and Cheese.

After he was finished I took him upstairs and got us dressed. Today we are going shopping.

I slipped on our shoes and picked Joey up. I put him on my hip and went downstairs I sat him in his car seat and went out side I called a cab. It showed up quickly. I grabbed his stroller and put it in the trunk and buckled Joey in and got in the cab.


We arrived at the Mall and I unbuckled Joey and got the stroller out of the trunk. I hooked his car seat into the stroller man I love this thing!!


"Let's go boo" I said and payed the cab driver and walked into the mall. I first went to children's place (N/A: Not sure what stores are in Ireland so I'm doing stores from Maryland) and got Joey some pants. Then we went into Justice and I got Kayla and Jai some shoes and Kayla some pants and shirts since their birthday is coming up soon. Next, we went to claire's and I got some new phone cases I saw lots of one direction stuff. Forget Niall.


Next, we went to the food court because I got hungry and Joey eats like his dad. "Wanna get some pizza?" I asked.

"Yeah" Joey said. I'm a vegetarian. I've been on ever since I was 4 months pregnant with Joey. I wanted a healthy pregnancy and I just got used to being a vegetarian. I rolled the stroller over to the little Pizza hut place in the food court and got on line. I grabbed my phone and started scrolling through twitter. 

"Next!" I heard and walked up and looked up.

"Hi can I have a cheese pizza with the cheese bites please?"(Those cheese bites are good I just had some) I asked.

"Yes. anything else?" She asked.

"Yeah can I get a 2 liter soda. A mountain dew please" I said. The lady smiled and typed my order into the computer.

"That'll be 10.25 euros please" I handed her the money.

I picked up my phone and started to move until I bumped into someone with the stroller.

"Oh my gosh!! I am so sorry" I said. I looked up and was met with those beautiful blue eyes I fell in love with.

"Blake?" He asked.

"122!" The lady yelled.

I grabbed my stuff and looked at Niall.

"Hi" I said. 

"Hey wanna sit with me and the boys?" He asked.

"Sure. Umm This is my son Joey" I said. He looked down at my precious little boy.

"Oh..... How old is he?" He asked.

"He's 2 but he's gonna be 3 soon" I said.

"You had a baby when you were 14?" He asked.

"Yeah" I said.

"Who's the father?" He asked.

"You" I simply replied.

"Why didn't you tell me I had a son?" he asked. Trying not to scream because we're in a public place.

"Ummm let's see You DUMPED me for X-factor." I said.

"I could of helped" He whispered.

"Whatever. Let's just go he's hungry" I said. Niall nodded his head and we walked over to a table.

The table held four boys and four girls.

"Guys this is Blake and..... her son Joey" Niall said. I knew he wouldn't want to claim our child.

"Blake that's Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry, Eleanor, Danielle, Perrie, and my girlfriend Megan" He said. So he moved on, nice to know.

"Hello" I said. I sat down and took Joey out of his car seat. Joey is a chubby little baby. He has the most beautiful blue eyes I ever seen. It's a mix of Niall's oceanic blue and my dark blue. He has my blonde hair and my smile.

He started clapping his hands when I sat him on my lap. He's 2 but he has horrible balance so hen I sat him down he fell forward onto my stomach since he was sitting facing me. He giggled and I smiled.

"Hi baby" I said and took off his little shoes which were supra's. I handed him a piece of pizza and he started chewing on it. I grabbed one for myself and looked up. Everybody was looking at me. I blushed and ate my pizza.

"So how old is he?" Harry asked. Yes I know who they are my ex-boyfriend is in their band.

"2 he's gonna be 3 soon but he has horrible balance and was premature so he's a small little guy" I said.

"how old are you if you don't mind my asking?" Perrie asked.

"It's okay I'm 17" I said. They're eyes got wide then went to normal.

"So you were 15 when you had him?" Zayn asked.

"14" I corrected.

"Slut" Megan 'coughed'

"I'm not a slut. I just made a mistake and had sex without protection at a young age." I corrected again.

"Where's the father than?" She asked.

"He left. But you know him" I said. Niall's eyes went wide and the Megan girl looked confused.

"What do you mean?" she asked. I looked at Niall and I guess everybody noticed and their eyes got wide.

"Niall's the father?" Zayn asked.

"Howdie doo y'all are so smart!!" I said (Note the sarcasm)

"How old was Niall?" Harry asked.

"Well do the math why don't you?? He was 16. He was my knight and shining armor. I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. He was the first person who excepted me. well other than my best friend Nicole and her twin brother Jacob. We dated and then one night when my mom, step dad, and twin brothers were in London to visit my grandma we kinda did 'it' I didn't know I was pregnant for about a month. I remember the day I found out Niall only wanted to kiss me at my locker and I yelled at him. Then a week later he called and asked to meet me at the park near my house and he broke up with me because X-Factor. I never told him about Joseph though" I explained.

"Oh" Harry said.

"Mummy. More pizza?" Joey asked. I gave him another piece.

"Oh gosh I have to go find a baby sitter for tomorrow" I said while standing up.

"Why do you need a baby sitter?" Niall asked.

"I have school tomorrow. I'm a Junior. Next year I'm a senior then college." I said.

"Oh well I'll watch him he is my son" Niall said.

"Umm sure. You guys could actually stay at my house if you'd like. We expanded so we have enough guest rooms" I said. Mom got pregnant after I had Joey so I have a baby sister and they decided to expand after she was born.

"Ummm sure" Liam said. First time he's talked to me.

Okay let's go Nicole and Jacob and Matt are coming over" I said.

"Matt as in my old best friend?" Niall asked.

"Yeah Matt. He's missed you I think." I said. I stood up and put Joey in his car seat.

"Shizz I got to call a cab" I said.

"Oh no we'll drive you" Louis said.

"Omg thanks." I said.

"Mummy are we gonna see Gram-ma? Tan I pway wiff uncle Ryder and Roah when we get home?" Joey asked. (N/A: Yes I know he does say stuff pretty good for a 2 year old because I'm just going off how my 3 year old cousin used to talk when she was 2. She's really smart so I made Joey like her)

"Yeah baby but when we get home I have to tell you something" I said.

"Tay" He said and laid his head down.


*Skip the boring car ride*

"Wow your house has changed" Niall said.

"Mommy won the lottery. Patrick is a doctor he still hates me. I'm unemployed but I was working at a day care for the summer had to quit cause school" I explained.


I opened the door.

"BLAKE!!!!"  I heard the twins yell.

"I have guest wheres mommy? is the nanny here?" I asked.

"No Nicole is watching us and Lola" Ryder yelled.

"Nikki??" I yelled

"In here bae!" She yelled from my room.

I ran up the stairs the others following me.

"Lolo is knocked out. Ryder and Roah are playing let me see Jojo" She said. I handed her Joey and she smiled.

"Nicole I brought some friends to stay here for a while" I said.

"Wh- NIALL" She yelled. She handed me Joey and jumped into Niall's arms. They were great friends.

"Nikki. I missed you" He said.

"Nicole where's Jacob and Matt and why isn't the nanny here?" I asked.

"I let her leave about an hour ago. The boys are playing with Ryder and Roah" She said. I ran into the play room and jumped on Matt's back. Matt and I are in a kinda relationship. He hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend but we kiss and all. I kissed him and he spun me around. He let me down and I looked at the door. Niall stood holding Joey he didn't look to happy.

"Nialler!" Matt yelled Niall smiled and handed me Joey and I stood him up on his feet. He walked over to Ryder and started to play.

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