14 and pregnant

Blake Lucia Evens is your normal 14 year old girl. She loves Movies and having fun. The only difference between normal 14 year olds and Blake is that she's pregnant. To make matters worst the father of Blake's baby is non-other than Niall horan. Blake found out she was pregnant after Niall (16) left for X-factor. Blake never saw Niall again until 3 years later. How will Niall react when he finds out he has a son? How will Blake explain to him why she didn't tell him?
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6. Simon Part 1

Chapter 6: Simon

Description: Niall and Blake get into a fight and something bad happens to Megan.


Blake's POV

My phone began to ring. I ignored it. I arrived to my grandmothers house about an hour ago and my phones been ringing non-stop.

My phone rung once again.

"Just answer it honey. I'll watch Joey" She said. I smiled at her and did as I was told.

"What?!?!?" I asked the person without looking at the caller ID.

"Blake? It's Niall" He said into the phone.

"What Niall?" I asked.

"Well first of all. I would of known all of those things if you would of called and told me." Niall said. He sounded annoyed.

"No don't blame this on me. He is your son to. You should not wait for me to call. You should call and ask how he's doing. He's been in the hospital 12 times in the ast 8 months. He wanted you to call. I asked him 'you want me to call daddy?' he said 'no he'll call us' He gave up hope. He doesn't even want a father anymore" I said.

"Don't you dare say that. Second of all. Really you had to tell it to the media? Now I might get freaking fired over this. Third of all Simon wants us in his office like now" He said.

"I told the media because they would find out anyway. You've been a horrible father."

"That's not true. I'm here caring for my newborn daughter while her mother has cancer. Yes cancer. She's on the verge of death and all you think about is how I haven't called? Your selfish." He said.

"Joey might have cancer" I blurted out.

"What?" He questioned sounding as if he's gonna cry.

"Joey is here fighting for his life. He might have cancer. If he doesn't there is still a huge chance he can get cancer. Cancer runs through my family Niall. I'm gonna have cancer. It'll be luck if Joey doesn't have it. Joeys had fevers and he's been throwing up and he's been bleeding. He's losed so much blood. I had to give some of mine to keep him alive. My baby gets scared and he's stressed. STRESSED at 3 years old. He had to go to therapy. He had to try chemo even though they didn't say he had cancer. It was just in case. I've been to the hospital every week of these past 8 months. He's had seizures. His heart nearly failing. Niall he died once. He-He died when we were at the hospital. He was gone for at least 5 minutes. They saved him. He's been so stressed all because he wonders things like. 'Does daddy love me?' or 'Why hasn't daddy called?' or 'Why did daddy choose a new baby instead of me?' I'm not selfish. If anything your selfish. You could of called while she was pregnant while she didn't have cancer but you didn't." I said. I started to cry.

Joey has been through way to much. 3 year olds should not got through that.

"You know what got f*ck yourself" I said.

"Blake I-" But I cut him off by hanging up.



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