Dateing files!~Percy Jackson~

In this story, It's all about dating.
This is on Percy Jackson, because I find there are more couples I can make up.(otherwise id do Harry potter.)So basically, I pick two PJ characters ( Heroes of Olympus and PJO) and send them on a date and you are basically watching them have their date. I will also add in a couple of my own characters too;) For my own amusement, I'll also do existing couples. You may also suggest couples too, as long as I haven't sent them on a date yet. Well that's all, so please read this! If you are sitting there and just reading this blurb and deciphering on wether or not to read it because of the blurb and not the first couple of pages, JUST READ IT! What I think is that you shouldn't read the back of a novel or in this case, the blurb, you should read the first couple of pages! That little summary of the book doesn't reflect the author's type of writing style. Prob half my school is walkin' talkin' proof! So just read at least a paragraph! I hope I didn't lecture you for nothing!


1. PERCABETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello random person who hopefully read the blurb! There is a very important note everyone should see. Well anyway, I shall start out with basically EVERYONES fav, PERCABETH!!!!!!!! So read on…


I do not own Percy Jackson, Rick Riordan does and I know I should be saying this with all my fan fics, but I always forget.

Percy's pov

I sat on my bed, waiting for Annabeth to come by for my "big suprise" for our anniversary.I was dressed in a nice tux and a tie(Piper helped me pick it out)I had told Annabeth to wear something nice. When she arrived, she was wearing a silver knee-length dress with her silver owl earrings. She wore 1inch heels, which were black. Her hair lay in fat curls on her shoulders and she held a black clutch. Annabeth politely knocked and saw me. " You look stunning!" I said in pure shock. " Piper and the Aphrodite cabin helped a lot!" She said they hugged tightly,as if afraid to loose each other. Then, hand in hand, went to a fancy restaurant and had a romantic dinner( called the spaghetti kiss dinner). Afterward, we headed to the movies and watched a romance movie. They walked out to the beach at camp(after changing into swimsuits) and walked and talked( and kissed) they found the perfect spot, that was right in front of the sparkling waters. It was as though Dad had made it calm just for us. We did a bit of swimming, underwater kisses, taking turns dumping each other into the water. At one point we took a picture together( one for each of us) It was perfect. And no one interrupted us. Then I walked wise girl to her cabin and kissed her good night. I walked back to my cabin and sat on my bed staring at the picture. I pinned it right beside my bed, so that when I woke up every day and went to bed every night, I would see the picture and remember this night.


~Percy Jackson has updated his status~

Having the best anniversary date with the prettiest girl in the world;)

~With Annabeth Chase~


Leo Valdez: cool bro! I'm sitting in my cabin wishing I had a GF;(

Percy Jackson: …

Okay so do you like it???? That Facebook part is a small spoiler on the next chappie! I'll also do a little Facebook post about each date(not a real one tho) for a bit of fun.

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