Camp Counselour

{2} Allysa is still recovering, but she has Justin, who won't leave her side no matter what. Ruby has a dark secret, that no one knows and Chaz is forced to Ruby and Allysa. Things Take A turn when Rider is released from Jail.


2. Maybe im just paranoid

Maybe I'm Just Paranoid

I stared at 'parker' until I couldn't see him anymore. 'I'm being paranoid' I said to myself as I walked towards my cabin. I had only just opened the screen door before Justin rushed outside.

"Guess what?" Justin had a huge smile on his face.

I laughed before answering, "What?"

"There letting me move in too the counselor's cabin. Do you know how cool that is," Justin grabbed my shoulders looking me in the eye, "They have a Jacuzzi for crying out loud. A Jacuzzi."

I forced a smile on my face even though I hated the fact that he wouldn't tuck me in at night or have the time to walk me around the campus, "Who else is going to be there?" I already knew the answer to that question.

"Oh just Ashlynn, Camila, Danny, and Chris." Justin still had that big smile on my face which only made me angrier. Could he not tell that I needed him. That I was still scared from the past events of the summer.

"I can help pack your stuff." I managed to still have a fake smile on my face.

"Oh Ashlynn is already inside helping me," He looked back inside the cabin, "but thanks for the offer."

I only nodded my head no having the strength to say anything. I shuffled in too the cabin behind Justin and I quickly laid down on my bed aware of Ashlynn staring at me.

"I so wish you could be there." Ashlynn continued to stare at me. She had to have brainwashed Justin or something.

I watched, painfully, as Ashlynn make every excuse in the book to touch Justin for almost half an hour. I pretended to be asleep when Justin whispered his goodbyes and kissed me on the cheeck before leaving the cabin.

This time I couldn't help but cry myself to sleep.


Chaz dropping his science book was the one thing that woke me up. "Sorry." He shyly muttered not being able to look me in the eye.

I sighed angrily and slightly annoyed, "Why do things have to be so awkward between us. Can we just go back to the way it use too be?"

"You missed lunch." Chaz said avoiding my question. He sat down on hi bed fidgeting with his hands.

"Stop avoiding me." I chuckled almost on the verge of tears. I got up and sat beside him. I could practically feel him tense up.

"I already lost Justin to Ashlynn and Ruby is too busy with her crush Jackson to even remember my last name," I wiped my eyes thinking that would stop me from crying, "I can't lose you too." 

"I can't just be friends with you," Chaz said angrily, "Ally I think im in lo-" Chaz wasn't able to finish his sentence due to Justin busting in the cabin.

"Forgot my toothbrush." He looked at me weirdly before going in the bathroom to grab his toothbrush. He came back out and sat down beside me, "Are you okay?"

He reached his hand out to wipe away my tears but I glared at him swatting his hand away.

"I'm just fine." I looked straight ahead instead of looking at Justin. It didn't take him long to get the hint and leave.

Once Justin was gone I looked at Chaz, "Maybe the kind of relationship you want with me could work out."

He rolled his eyes, "You just saying that because your mad at Justin."

"No," I argued, "I mean it this time. I promise."



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