Mrs .Malik <3

A Zayn Malik Fan Fic.
Zayn is one of the popular boys in school.
Hope Joins School and starts liking Zayn.
Will Zayn And Hope Ever Be Called Couples ??


4. Friends..

In Classroom:



Miss was marking us all in. Few Girls Came up to me and Started talking to me I made good friends with them. They were pretty. They asked me to join their group and I happily Said "YES". Their name were Perrie,Eleanor,Jade,Jess and Leigh. Apparently Leigh was not in because her Aunt died. I could her "Yes Miss All around the Room". Suddenly a big group of boys came in. "You all are late" Miss Raged. "Sit down now and detention at lunch you all have to make up the time". Miss was angry as hell. One of the boys were Zayn. Perrie was sitting next to me but Zayn asked her to move and he came sat next to me. "Hi Hope" He smirked. "Hi" I said politely and then looked at the board. "Wanna be Friends" Asked Zayn. "Yes" I Smiled a little. Finally i was friends with Zayn. Suddenly I felt a arm on my back wrapping me and I was pulled Closer to Zayn. I smiled at him. He smirked. "Meet me near The cafe at break Beautiful. " Sure :) " I Blushed. I was extremely happy. I waited for break and the bell rang. I want we Perrie Lot Cuz they were going to Cafe aswell. I saw Zayn and his gang Over There I Passed A Smiled and Zayn Gave me a kiss in the air. I Blushed And Got my Luch. I sat Next to Perrie Lot. We were Randomly Talking when Zayn and his friends Joined Us. Zayn sat next to me and Wrapped his Around me Back. I  knew it so i just smiled and continued Talking :)

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