Mrs .Malik <3

A Zayn Malik Fan Fic.
Zayn is one of the popular boys in school.
Hope Joins School and starts liking Zayn.
Will Zayn And Hope Ever Be Called Couples ??


3. First Day...


I am So Nervous!! Omg. What If I Don't Look Perfect Today!! God Stop Thinking So Much It will be Okay.  I Open The Cupboard And Take Out A White Crop Top With Blue Short Denims And  Lace Up Black Sneakers. I Put my Clothes On. I decide to live my hair open. Just Style them A bit. I Wore a  bit of Mascara And Light blush. I flung the bag on my back and leave the house. I entered the Huge Gates of the School. I searched For my Locker. I found my locker and went to it. I unlocked The locker and Placed my bag inside. Suddenly someone comes to the next locker and starts doing something.



"Hi I Am Zayn Are You New Here" I asked the Girl Next to me. Woah She is Soo Beautiful And pretty God I Love the Way she Is made She is Soooo Perfect. "Hi I am Hope and yeah i am New" She said. Her Voice is So Sweet. "I Can Show you Around If You Like" I Asked. I wanna hear a yes!! Omg i wanna go out with her But Wait does Someone Bully Her ? Or she Bad For me ? Cuz i am the popular One here !! I was Interrupted By My Friends and Before Hope Could say Anythinng I was Surrounded CROWD !! GOD FUCK OFF GUYS LIKE TOTALLY. 



He is soo Cute But Way to Popular For me. I Wanted him to show me around but before he could say Anything His friends surrounded By His freinds. Oh well Looks Like I have to find Some One else. I looked At My Time Table and headed towards My Class Ignoring The rest Of Crowd Surrounding Zayn.

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