Mrs .Malik <3

A Zayn Malik Fan Fic.
Zayn is one of the popular boys in school.
Hope Joins School and starts liking Zayn.
Will Zayn And Hope Ever Be Called Couples ??


5. Asked Out


I woke Up. I was excited for school. so I Decided to look the best. Cuz I thought I had some chances to be asked out By Zayn. I opened My Cupboard and took out White Short Denims with half cut White Top Saying #SELFIE. I Took out a pair of black leggings and some Brownish Furry Long Shoes. I Took a shower before putting My clothes on then. I Decided to leave my hair open and put a light makeup on. I got my bag and locked the door. I had no family. My Parents died when i was 2 and i had a older brother who thought it was my fault they died so he left me. I was walking when a black range rover came and stopped by. The window lowered and i saw Zayn sitting. " Hi Beautiful ", He smirked. I blushed and Said Hi. "Wanna join me". He asked happily. "Yea Sure " I smiled. I opened the door and sat in the car.



She was Looking Sooo Beautiful. Omg !! "Can I Like.. Mhmm. Have Your Number Cuz You Know Were Best Friends Now. "Yes" She said politely. I typed in her number in my phone. "Wanna Hangout Tonight" I asked. " Yes I would love to I always Get Bored At Home. We were Talking all the way. I was  gonna tell her tonight that i loved her so i waited impatiently For Tonight.....

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