The Deep End

Janie is scared of the deep end of the pool. When she decides to face her fear she nearly drowns. What will happen when she wakes up far away from home and can't get back? Find out in my version of the wizard of oz.


1. Pool day

Janie's POV

"Mom I'm ready for the pool." I called. A girl with long black hair was walking down the stairs with a pink swimsuit and her bag full of clothes. "Okay then hop in the car.I'll grab Isabella." Mom replied. Moments later I was sitting in the car next to my little sister on the way to the pool. "Mom do I have to take the swim test?" "Yes you and your sister." Mom replied." But what if I don't want to swim in the deep end?" I blurted out. "Sweetheart this is your last chance to take it and your going to pass as long as you do the strokes I tought you." I gulped. I'm terrified of the deep end people drown in the deep end and that could happen to me to. As I got lost in my thoughts we arrived at the pool.My mom asked"Are you ready?"I replied"Ready."

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