The Sacred Daughter

Aileah is a seventeen year old witch who lives with her friends Daegan Monroe and Ilsa Duvloc. When the Prince comes to the village, he somehow recognizes Aileah. ~Fantasy, but modern~


1. Prologue (17 years ago)

Grandmaster Murray and King Derek stared at the baby girl Queen Melina was holding in her arms. Prince Samuel, the baby's older brother watched her too. They were all trying to pick out a name for the little girl. The Grandmaster wanted to call her Maria, while the King wanted to call her Alice.

"Mommy, can I pick," the four year old prince asked the queen.

"What name did you have in mind, Samuel," the Queen asked, a smile on her face.

"Aileah. That's what we should call her," the Prince said.

All of a sudden a strange aura surrounded the baby girl. The King and Grandmaster stepped back, while the Queen and Prince stared in awe. King Derek pulled Grandmaster Murray to the other side of his chambers, trying to keep a hushed voice as they talked.

"Could she be the one that you had a vision about, Old Friend?".

"Tis possible my King, but why would the aura show now?".

"I do not  know.".

King Derek looked back over to his wife and family, then he returned his attention to the Grandmaster.

"Take her Murray, for I fear that the prophecy is about her. Keep her hidden, make sure no one finds her. Take her to Ilsa's, have Ilsa's parent's raise her. Do this now.".

The Queen made her way over to her husband and the Grandmaster who is her brother.

"You must take her, Murray. Mother must not find her, nor Mother's army. Like Derek said take her to Ilsa's. She must be protected.".

The Prince walked over to his mother, holding a small teddy bear. He hands the bear to his mother who gives it and the baby girl to Grandmaster Murray.

"How shall we keep her secret?".

All of the mid-wives, nurses and workers now gathered around the King, Queen, Prince and Grandmaster, so that they would know the plan too.

"We'll tell everybody that she was a still born, that you, Murray could not save her.".

Grandmaster Murray nodded, chanting a few words, making a hidden door reveal itself. With one final look back to the Royal family, the Grandmaster took off, briskly walking through the door.

~Time Skip~

The Grandmaster kept briskly walking down the village road, trying to keep the baby calm. As he reached the house of Mila and Dorian Duvloc, he got the faint sense that he was being watched. Once he reached the gate, he saw Mila in the garden, picking some fresh crops.

"Mila," he said.

Mila looked up and then her eyes landed on the baby.

"The King sent word to me," she said as she got up and brushed her hands off on her dress.

Grandmaster Murray nodded and handed the baby to Mila.

"Her name is Aileah. Keep her safe.".

Mila nodded and then headed inside as soon as the Grandmaster had left. She hollered at her husband, loud enough for him to hear, but not loud enough to wake Ilsa. She explained why she had this baby and her husband nodded.

Mila and Dorian Duvloc aren't ordinary people because 1.) They are Master Assassins, 2.) They trained in the Fighters Guild and 3.) Mila is a witch and Dorian is a warlock.

They both silenty agreed that they could keep her safe from the outside world, but could they keep her safe from herself?

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