Only you

Lindsey has an amazing voice, is an extraordinary song writer and has a beautiful smile. Though she's to scared to share her music with the world until she meets Liam... Will he ever convince her to follow her dreams and become a star?


12. Wrath of Niall

Lindsey's POV

About day after Liam left I was still in bed angry and upset with what happened.  Of course I miss Liam but  I decided that I was being ridiculous. We met 6 months ago... we were dating for 2 months why am I so upset I thought to myself.  How could I believe that I was ready to release a duet with him how could I believe this could work.   Focusing on typing my essay and getting back on track with school and my academics my phone starts ringing.  I check the caller ID because I'm in no mood to talk to Liam.  When I see Niall's face pop up I answer... I miss him and his carefree personality may cheer me up.  

"Hey Nialler what's up?" 

I was shocked by his tone "Don't Nialler me... what the hell is wrong with you?!"

"Um be more specific Niall..." I have no ide- oh shit the dots start connecting.. Liam

"How about the fact that Liam spent his whole weekend flying back to see you to show you how much you care and you don't even have the decency to tell him what's going on! The poor guy hasn't been eating or talking! He can't even remember song lyrics that he wrote!" 

"Okay Niall listen... it's not what you think.  It's for his own good"

"Well unless you're some blood sucking demon I don't see why you're doing this for HIS good" 

That's when I lost it... I have to tell someone and I can't keep bottling it up.  

"I'm not good enough Niall" I shout before he can respond I continue

"Since One Direction took off, all I've been told is that I'm fat, ugly or worthless.  Liam deserves someone beautiful and when you're tour starts he's gonna find her and realize I was never what he wanted." A tear escaped my eyes as I whispered the rest:  "Liam just hasn't seen the world yet... and when he sees all those girls... he'll forget about me"

There was a pause and then Niall finally spoke

"Lindsey listen to me... take it from a guy's perspective.  When a guy finds the girl he loves he could look at every other girl in the universe and all he'd see is her.  The way Liam looks at you I can tell that's the way he feels about you.  Without you he's not himself... whenever we go site seeing all he can say is oh I've gotta take a picture of this and send it to Lindsey.  But at the same time.. you have to remember that when you love someone both of you have to be strong and realize that going against the haters and the world is what makes your love as special as it is." 

I then realize that maybe he's right... I'm just scared because of how much I care but I can't let that stop me from being happy and living life.  

"Ur right Niall... but Liam doesn't want to talk to me... It's too late"

Niall chuckles "oh no Lindsey no matter how mad he is at you he still wants to talk and work it out"

"But how... you guys start your tour in Miami this weekend"

"Do you still remember the lyrics to Moments?"

"Our duet... of course we wrote it together..that's how we fell for each other"

"Good cuz I've got one hell of an idea"

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