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Lindsey has an amazing voice, is an extraordinary song writer and has a beautiful smile. Though she's to scared to share her music with the world until she meets Liam... Will he ever convince her to follow her dreams and become a star?


9. Truth Or Dare

Liam's POV: 

I drive into Niall's drive way and stop the car.  After getting out of the car and helping her out we walk up to the door step with my hand on the small of her back.  

As we step inside we're instantly greeted 

"Hey Love birds" Harry says cheekily 

"Liam mate" Niall says while doing our handshake.  

Although Victoria just gave me and Lindsey a dirty look.  She was the one who didn't like Lindsey... I wonder why.  

We sit and decide to watch a horror movie.  

"Um can we not? I get so afraid an-" Lindsey says in a timid voice.  

"don't worry I'm right here, nothing will happen to you" I whisper in her ear reassuring her and kissing the top of her head.  

"Aww well ain't that cute" Louis chirps.  

We chose Oculus and Lindsey was shaking before the movie started.  I pulled her closer to me as her head leaned on my shoulder with my arm draped around her.  The rest of the boys all found a comfortable cuddling position with their girlfriends ( Harry & Taylor, Louis & Eleanor, Zayn & Perrie, and Niall and Victoria) 


Throughout the movie every time Lindsey was scared I held her closer to my body and whispered comforting things in her ear reminding her none of it is real.  

Lindsey's POV

We got to Niall's house and I was surprised that everyone was already here.  

I walk in and start talking when I notice Niall and Victoria are DATING? what?! I'm so worried.... Niall is like my brother and well I don't exactly approve of Victoria.  She's only into a guy for looks, social status or fame.  Anyways I just smile and carry on. 

During Oculus I was shaking and frightened the whole time.  Liam kept me protectively tight in his arms and made sure I was ok. 


After the movie Zayn breaks the silence... "So who's up for truth or dare?" 

Personally I didn't like the idea.... but I got out voted so we're now sitting in a circle and Harry begins.  

"Liam truth or dare" oh gosh pick truth... I know I'll be involved in the dare cuz the boys have been teasing us as a new couple.  pick truth Liam, pick truth.  

"Truth" oh good 

"what physical feature of Lindsey turns you on the most" 

Liam and I share shocked expression as the rest of the boys and girlfriends "ohhh"

"Her eyes" Awww he's so sweet and respectful it just amazing.  


Liam's POV

When Harry asked that question I was shocked! But it was a truth and I had to be honest.  

Lindsey's brown eyes always turn me on.  They're always so innocent and sweet and somehow it gets me going.  


Lindsey's POV

After the party Liam drives me home and stops the car outside of my house.  

"Well that was awkward" I say breaking the silence.

"yeah Harry can be that way...I'm sorry if it made you uncomfor-"

I kiss him by surprise but soon enough he starts kissing back.  

He slowly pulls away after a heated makeout session heavily breathing saying

"You're so beautiful." 

I just blush in response and helps me out of the car and walks me to my door step.  

"I'll see you tomorrow babe" Then pecks me on the lips and leaves.  



The next morning I wake up and notice the album has been released.  I log on to my twitter and notice I have a billion notifications and half a million followers.  I have a smile on my face until I start reading all the comments on my twitter page, most of them now "fans" of Liam and haters of me.  "@Lindsey_1616: You're so ugly... Liam deserves better" "@Lindsey now that Liam is famous hopefully his standards for girls will get better" "@Lindsey wow never though Liam would have to settle for you" by the time I'm done reading these I have tears streaming down my face.  


Suddenly my phone rings with Liam's caller ID.  Maybe they're right... maybe I shouldn't answer.  Or maybe I'm being silly... shouldn't care what people think and answer my phone.    The phone is still ringing and I decide...... 


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