Only you

Lindsey has an amazing voice, is an extraordinary song writer and has a beautiful smile. Though she's to scared to share her music with the world until she meets Liam... Will he ever convince her to follow her dreams and become a star?


1. first day jitters

Lindsey's pov

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock and remember I actually have school today. Many could say I had an interesting summer and by interesting I mean stating home and chilling with friends, but I'm a simple person so that's enough to make me happy.

I get dressed and apply some mascara and convince myself that's enough (not that I had anyone to impress). I walk down stairs to see my mother has made my favourite breakfast.... Blueberry pancakes.

Shortly after I leave the house not wanting to be late on my first day. My high school is around 15 minutes away walking.

I'm about to cross the street when I crash into what seems to be a person.

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