My Brother's Roomate.

Lyah Marie Dallas' brother was her savior. Cameron comes in with a sidekick. Lyah falls for him. Will he catch her? Is he the bad guy everyone says he is? Or is he the real hero?

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3. We Hate Hannah.

Lyah's pov.

I move around to find that I'm laying half in Nash's lap. Well then. "Goodmorning beautiful." He grins. He's so sweet. "Morning... Where are we?" I look around to see a newer apartment and a lot of Cameron's stuff everywhere. "This is our apartment. When you fully wake up, there is lunch on the counter and drinks in the fridge and I'll give you a tour." He smiles and I sit up and pop my back. Feels much better. I walk over and see cheeseburgers from McDonalds. "I'm gonna get fatter if I keep eating like this!" I chuckle earning a glare from Nash. "You are not fat. You are perfect. You have nice curves and you aren't skin and bones." He gets up and walks over. "Understand?" He lifts up my chin with his fingers. "Yes Sir." I smirk at him and take a bite out of my burger. He shows me the apartment and I love it. It needs a girls touch here and there, but not bad for a couple of guys.

Cameron's pov.

While out jogging, I notice a couple shoe stores. Lyahs vans look wore out. I'll surprise her with a new pair... Or a few new pairs.

Nash's pov.

"This is your room. Cameron said that you could decorate it the way you wanted, so we just left it white." He smiles and begins to walk back downstairs. I follow behind him after putting my bag on my bed. "So. This new movie called 'into the storm' came out. I was gonna go watch it later. Wanna come? The rest of the boys are spending a week over here, and they will be up tonight. So I figured we could hang out.?" He shyly asks. I hop up on the counter. "Yeah! That sounds fun!" I take a long drink of my dr pepper.

Nash starts sarcastically laughing and then slams his phone down on the table. "You okay Nash?" I ask and he looks up at me pissed. "Actually, no. The boys are on their way up in the elevator." I look at him confused. "They have Hannah with them." He sighs. "Who is-" he interrupts me. "She is obsessed with me and is going to try to hang all over me." He runs his hands through his hair and I jump down and grab a Cheeto out of the bag. My favorite. "Not if I'm around she won't." I wink at him and his face twists with confusion. "What do you mean?"

I walk over and put my arms around his neck. "She won't even think twice about hanging all over you when I'm here. I'll make it a point that I like you if you make it a point that you like me. Kinda like a fake date." I smile and take a seat on the barstool next to him. "Wait. You like me?" He grins. "Yeah. And I'm not afraid to show it." He smiles again and we are interrupted by all of the Magcon boys rushing in. (A/n: yes the boys who quit did quit. It's a little reunion.) "NASH!" I hear all of them yell and run up to hug him. Matthew looks me up and down. "Hey there. What might your name be?" He smiles and everyone goes quiet. "Lyah. Lyah Dallas." I proudly smile and hop back up on the counter. "Ohh. Your this younger sister that we hear all about." Jack states. I blush and nod. A very pretty girl walks in and goes straight for Nash. "Um. Hello. Who are you?" I smirk. "I'm Hannah. Aaron's sister. Who are you?" She looks at me disgusted. "I'm Lyah. And I suggest you wipe that look off your face before it gets stuck like that." I smirk and Cameron walks in. As it turns out, nobody but her own brother likes her. "Cammmm!!!" I yell and he hugs me. "Hey lil sis. I see you've met the gang. And Hannah." He smiles and is greeted by all of the boys hugging him. I walk over to Nash who is now on the couch being bored by Hannah. He looks up from his phone and I sit between his legs on the couch. I lean back and he takes a selfie. "Awe look at the cute lovebirds." Can smirks. He doesn't even question it. Nice.

Hey y'all. I've been preparing for school. Oops. 😅 but I will update more often bc I get bored on the bus. So expect that starting Wednesday. 😘 thank you for all of the feedback and support. Your comments are so sweet!! And everyone. Go follow @Bad_ass on here!! Her stories are amazing!!! Thank you all!!! 😘😘 Xxx- Onedeebabii.

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