My Brother's Roomate.

Lyah Marie Dallas' brother was her savior. Cameron comes in with a sidekick. Lyah falls for him. Will he catch her? Is he the bad guy everyone says he is? Or is he the real hero?

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1. Savior.

My Brother's Roommate.

"I'm sorry Lyah. I know you miss me. You can visit me anytime you want. How about next week after you get out of school. Stay with me for the summer?" I know he is smiling by his tone. "Ugh. I guess Cam. But I honestly don't wanna wait another week! I wanna see you now!!" I sigh. "You have finals next week missy. You can't miss those!" He laughs and I chorus in. He kills me. "Just have all your stuff packed by Thursday. I'll be there Friday to get you. I love you sis." I giggle at his statement. "I love you too Cam." I say and hang up. I miss that boy.

I run to go pack my bags. Today is Saturday, so I only have 6 days. I can't wait. I really wanna live with cam. Mom and dad are never home anyways. I run down the stairs and call for my parents. Much to my dismay, they aren't home. I order me a pizza and get out the money. I get such a large allowance it's not even funny. I turn on my One Direction playlist and crank it up. "Mabey it's the way she walked. Straight into my heart and stole it!!!!!" I yell and the doorbell rings. I forget I'm in my pink yoga shorts and pink hoodie and open the door to find Cameron. "CAMERON!!" I screech. he's here! I jump in his arms and someone clears their throat. "Hi, I'm Lyah. Cams little sister." I hold out my hand while still in cams arms. "I'm Nash." He says while taking my hand. My fingers go numb from the electricity. I jump down from cams arms. "I thought you weren't coming until next week!?" I question while hugging him. "I asked mom, she called the school and they said you didn't need to take the finals, so we flew out to surprise you. We were around the block when we were on the phone." He smiles and flops down on the couch. "This is amazing!!" I sigh and fall on him. "Umph. Gahh. What have you been eating Lyy?" He breaths out. "Mom and Dad are never here, so pizza almost every night." I get off him. "Come look at my room! Mom let me decorate it!" I drag him up the stairs while Nash awkwardly follows. I burst open my bedroom door and they follow in. The walls are a light brown with baby blue and grey chevron decorations (bed covers, lamp, etc.) "Wow. Little sis has grown up! Big step up from princesses." He smirks at me and I smirk back. It's been a little over 2 years since I saw him last. He moved so I never see him. "Yeah. Soooo... When are we leaving? I'm ready to get out of this hell hole." I sigh and pull my bags out of my closet. "Language! You are a lady!" Cameron scolds. "Yeah? Tell that to mom and dad. To them, I am just a little bratty btch." I cross my arms and cam pulls me in a hug while Nash sighs. We both turn to look at him. He's leaned up against my wall with one foot on my wall. He's so tall. And really attractive. "I think you should tell her." Nash smiles and shows off his dimples. Cameron smiles too. "Sis.. Mom and dad are in Cali. They came down to sign custody papers. Your gonna be living with me now." He is smiling from ear to ear and I burst out in tears. "Thank you so much Cameron. Thank you so so so much.!" I sob into his chest. I can't believe I'm gonna get away from here. "Nash, don't just stand there, your part of this too! Get over here!" I laugh and he joins our hug. He smells really good. This is so cool!! I can believe I'm gonna live with my big bro!!!

-- So I decided to start a new fanfic. I haven't been updating my other one much bc I have been super busy starting school. I'm sorry!! I'll try to update them both every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I hope you all like it! If you want, follow me on Insta & twitter!!! @cheyenneteems. Thank you all!!! 😘😘 Xx-Onedeebabii.

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