My World's Oyster

This is a collection of my travel memories starting this year. A small portfolio of my travel writing.


4. My sister's university

The irony of Lombok's luxury only hit me when he started speaking. 

'I have to pay for my sister's university. My parents aren't able.' 

Here we were: food practically on tap, lamb curry in front of me and Rupia in my handbag. Money was of no object. Well, it was. But these were things that kept me thinking that I was not a big spender. My money wasn't handed out in quick succession to anyone, willy nilly. I was frugal. But still I spent more money than all the waiters earned . 

Never had I ever felt so self- conscious of the belly fat I was trying, so poorly, to conceal in my long black dress. A cheesecake that I had ordered, which I couldn't even taste for the cold that racked my senses, was a daily salary. 

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