My World's Oyster

This is a collection of my travel memories starting this year. A small portfolio of my travel writing.


1. Black Suede

The locals of Lombok are quite charming once you get to speak to them. They come across as mosquito bites - in every nook and cranny and, seemingly, annoying. 

As return guests to Lombok's 'Puri Mas' hotel, we seem to get a form of preferential treatment. 'Friend Prices' are now negotiable with the beach sellers. 

But it's not only about buying as much as it is about just talking to the locals. They are incredibly knowledgeable and always seems to want the best. They tell us about their lives - Ramadan and their time spent on the beach - about relationships and God. They know a lot of what there is to be learnt in this little sub-world. 

We are talking to one seller, a man called Adam, when his friend comes along selling 'honeymoon blankets' and pogo stick toys. At first, it was as though he just wanted to get in on a sale, but after he'd set up his temporary stall, he began asking about us. He asked about my mum's skin colour - calling it Black Suede - which I thought was very beautiful. 

When we said England, he asked if we were Cockney. From his accented Malaysian voice, he switched to a rather applaudable Cockney accent: 'I'll 'ave some waaw'er'. Watching this Malaysian national out on a brilliant accent was so bizarre, as though the words weren't really coming from his mouth. He smiled throughout and each word came out as though he was from Laandaan!! 

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