The Children of Hecate

It's been six months since the Demigod Savers decide to take a break and stay at the camp. But what happens when a profacey is pronounced at the camp and it has something to do with the part of Skylar's past she can't remember. This story involves Jason, Piper, Leo, Annabeth, Percy, and her best friends Faith and Hope and adventure that hold secrets that the gods never heard of. Also
you won't believe the surprise romance in this story. And what's happens when someone who is one of the most important person in Skylar's life dies.


3. The Three Headed Snake

That morning we headed off. It was Leo, Percy, Annabeth, Piper, Jason, Faith, Hope,and me. We used Leo's floating ship with the a dragons head as the head of the ship. I didn't tell anybody about my dream from last night. Right now I was at the side of the ship looking at the clouds.

" Skylar," Leo said behind me. " I would like it if you stop carving into my ship."

Skylar looked down not even noticing there was her hunting knife in her hand carving a picture in the side of the ship.

" Sorry Leo," Skylar said putting down the knife. " It's just the dream I had last night..."

" What dream?" He asked curious.

" Nevermind," Skylar said. " It was probably nothing."

" Are you sure?" Leo asked.

" Yes," Skylar said kissing him on the cheek while walking by.

Leo decided to look at Skylars carving. It was the picture of a key.

" Look!" He heard Percy screaming behind him.

When he turned around, there was a gigantic sea snake with three heads.

" I got this!" Screaming Hope. She charge at the monster dodging the first head and cutting it off. Then she went to the second, but the third one was smart. Before she could attack, it dug it's fangs into her heart.

" No!!!" Screamed Skylar.

Skylar ran toward her, but the beast got in her way ready for its next prey. Skylar raised her hand. Then a whirl wind of water hit it and pulled it to the bottom of the ocean.

" Thanks Percy," Skylar said grabbing Hope.

Percy stood there dumb founded. The thing was he didn't do it.

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