The Children of Hecate

It's been six months since the Demigod Savers decide to take a break and stay at the camp. But what happens when a profacey is pronounced at the camp and it has something to do with the part of Skylar's past she can't remember. This story involves Jason, Piper, Leo, Annabeth, Percy, and her best friends Faith and Hope and adventure that hold secrets that the gods never heard of. Also
you won't believe the surprise romance in this story. And what's happens when someone who is one of the most important person in Skylar's life dies.


4. Six Days Later

Hope was very sick. The Fangs of the three headed snake didn't touch her heart, but it was very close. It seems that she gets worse everyday. We tried to heal her, but the puncture kept turning darker and darker. Every night, she would start a fit of coughs. I stayed with day and night holding her hand. So did Faith.

" Skylar," Faith said. " Maybe you should go take a long shower and get a new set of clothes on."

Skylar hesitated. Then Skylar realized she was right. She probably didn't smell that good, and it would be nice to have a bath.

After the shower, she decided to walk out on deck. Tears instantly ran down her face.

" Skylar," She heard Leo's voice right behind her. " Your hair is wet. You shouldn't be out here. You could get sick."

That's when he notice Skylar was crying. He instantly hugged her. Her arms squeezed around him.

" Hope will be ok Skylar," Leo said.

Skylar slowly nodded her head trying hard to believe him.

" Can I lay with you tonight?" Skylar asked out of nowhere.

Leo blushed. Him and Skylar never done that before.

" Um.. um," he said dumb founded.

" Pleaze," Skylar said looking like she was about to cry again.

" Sure," he said pushing her hair out of her face. He put his arm around her, and they walked to his room. When they got in his bed, Skylar put her arms around Leo and closed her eyes. They both went instantly to sleep.

What they didn't know was Percy was peaking through the doorway. He's been spying on Skylar for the past couple of days. Something in his gut told him that Skylar was more than just the daughter of Zues.

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