Peter has been in a coma for three years, but not everything is as it seems. He did not fall ill, he did not injure himself, he simply never woke up one morning.

The questions is, where has Peter for three years?


1. Chapter 1




The hospital smell was inescapable, filling Lisa's nostrils with every breath. The bleep of the ECG machine was a constant comfort to her, letting her hear and see the pulsing of her son's heart.
    "Do you think he'll ever wake up?" she asked.
    Martin rubbed his eyes, lifting his glasses off his nose for a few seconds with the same movement. "I hope so. He wouldn't be the first person to wake from a coma after three years."
    She stroked Peter's hand. It was warm and youthful, but it didn't move to grip her. She missed Peter loving to grab her by the hand and drag her toward a toyshop, hug her with all his might, or take a running jump into her arms when she came home from work.
    Bleep. Bleep. Bleep. That's all the response her son could give her through the machinery attached to him.



Opposite them, sitting in a plastic chair, was their daughter, Vicky. She looked at them wishing for her brother to awaken, if only she could tell them where he was.
    Fear prevented her, because she knew that they would think she was mad.
    She closed her eyes for a moment, allowing the darkness to envelope her and she could hear that screaming voice again.
    "HELP ME!"
    Vicky's eyes flicked open.


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