Only one survivor. Aged two. Trained in the arts of the Jedi. One of the most powerful ever seen. One the council never told Anakin about. One who is more powerful than Anakin and Yoda combined. She is the Chosen one. She is the one to restore balance to the Force. Set from The Revenge of the Sith to The end of A New Hope Book 1 of 3 I have changed around the plot. Mara and Jonothan are the only characters of my making. The rest belong to George Lucas and Lucasfilm, and Disney. (Some Chapters may seemed rushed as I want them published)


3. The Clone Base

A/N sorry the chapter is short, I wasn't feeling inspired A.K.A I had writers block- Annabeth Shadownight




Mara was shaken awake by Obi-Wan Kenobi. They had arrived on a base on an astroid that was used during the Clone Wars

"We're here, Threepio will take you inside the base" He said

Mara looked at him, thinking about the Clones, Obi-Wan smiled sensing her discomfort

"Don't worry the clones are not here"

Mara scrambled to get off the chair, falling off the chair in the process, Mara stood up quickly and smiled embarrassed. She looked up to see Obi-Wan look at her

"Are you okay?"

Mara nodded lying, truly she was tired and barely could stand. She gripped onto the chair and smiled.

"For one Mara, I don't believe you" Obi-Wan picked up the small girl before levitating Padmé with the Force. Mara rested her head on Obi-Wan's shoulder and fell asleep.

Mara's dreams were again plagued by the horror of Order Sixty-Six.

Obi-Wan placed the unconscious Padmé on the hospital bed, still holding the sleeping Mara, he could sense her discomfort through a bond they shared. A two year old should never experience these things he thought. 

"Master Kenobi" A voice came from behind him

"Senator Organa" Obi-Wan turned around to face the Senator.

"Call me Bail. Who is this young one?" Bail asked

"Mara, One of the survivors of the battle" He replied

"Sense great things from her I do" The green master hobbled into view "Sense I do strong in the Force she is" 

"Come lets go to a private room for now" Bail started "We can talk more there"

"I don't think Mara will let go of me" Obi-Wan chuckled as the two year old gripped harder on Obi-Wan's tunic.

"This she may not remember" Yoda said "Off in a land of sleep she is"

Obi-Wan followed Yoda and the senator. Before he could enter the room, a droid came up from behind him. 

"Master Kenobi, Senator Amidala is wanting you, and the girl" the robotic voice of the medical droid said

"Go, we will be waiting"


A few hours later Obi-Wan sat down at the table. Padmé had given up hope and had passed away. Mara still held onto him. 

"I heard the news" Senator Organa mentioned 

"Split them we should" Yoda looked at them "Safer that way"

"I'll take the girl, Leia" Bail stated "My wife and I have been talking of adopting a girl"

"And what of the boy and Mara" Obi-Wan implied

"Take the boy to Tatooine you will, to his family" Yoda ordered

"And what of Mara"

"Train the youngling you shall. A great Jedi she will become"

"Yes Master" 

Mara slowly awoke, on Obi-Wan's shoulder, Obi-Wan had left the room to collect Luke. The small astromech droid followed them. 

"I see your awake Mara"

"I give R2 somting" Mara mumbled still half asleep 

"Okay, Mara" Obi-Wan placed the small girl on the ground and watched as she pulled a rock, that matched the colours of Mustafar out of her pocket. She gave it to R2-D2 who took it.

"Keep it safe, until we meet again" Mara mumbled as Obi-Wan picked her up again. 

R2-D2 moved away from them, placing the rock inside himself until they met again.

Obi-Wan took Mara and Luke Skywalker to Tatooine, where Beru took Luke. 

"Do you want me to take the girl?" Beru smiled 

"I think I can look after her" Obi-Wan replied

"I'll look after her"

"Okay, I have a few conditions. I will train her as a Jedi and…." Obi-Wan whispered something into Beru's ear

"I will look after her, I'll make sure she is ready to train each morning"

And with that Obi-Wan walked off into the desert to find his new home. 



A/N: So that is the end of Revenge of the Sith, and the last of Mara being two. It was only for three chapters that she was two. The updates should be more often as I have some pre-written. Thank You- Annabeth Shadownight...









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