Only one survivor. Aged two. Trained in the arts of the Jedi. One of the most powerful ever seen. One the council never told Anakin about. One who is more powerful than Anakin and Yoda combined. She is the Chosen one. She is the one to restore balance to the Force. Set from The Revenge of the Sith to The end of A New Hope Book 1 of 3 I have changed around the plot. Mara and Jonothan are the only characters of my making. The rest belong to George Lucas and Lucasfilm, and Disney. (Some Chapters may seemed rushed as I want them published)


1. Prologue/ Execute Order 66

The battle raged on. The Clones were turning on the Jedi. People were being killed. The Younglings hid in the council room. Hoping to be safe. The youngest at age two, hid. She hid behind Master Yoda's chair. Her older brother was fighting. She saw Master Skywalker strike him down. 

The doors to the room opened and Master Anakin Skywalker stood in the doorway. A boy not much older than Mara came out from his hiding place. The other younglings followed. Mara stayed where she was. She saw Master Anakin activate his lightsaber and slay the Youngling. The others ran screaming trying to get away from, the former master and the blazing light of his lightsaber. She saw master Anakin slaying them all. Mara had to do something, she couldn't just stay there. She managed to activate the Training Lightsaber  she had. She came out from her hiding place. She fought Master Anakin Skywalker. Mara managing to strike Anakin down, she was powerful for her age. She had been strong since birth. Training since the age of one. She fought him. She managed to take his lightsaber and run.

Darth Vader, formerly known as Anakin Skywalker. Had been taken by surprise by the youngling's strength and knowledge of the force. She could be a Powerful ally he thought. She had taken his lightsaber. Though he had no weapon at the moment, Vader had spares. He lost lightsabers more than his former master liked. He let the young girl run, he had to keep her alive long enough to gather another lightsaber, if she were an ally they would be unstoppable. He lifted himself off the ground and left to his new Master. Darth Sidious. 


Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda were going back to the temple to stop the broadcasting message to tell the Jedi to return. As they walked up the entrance steps. The bodies of the younglings lay on the floor. It was quite except for someone crying, A survivor. Master Yoda and Master Kenobi. Walked carefully to find the source of the crying. 


Mara wept. Over her brother's body. She had seen him be struck down. She cried and cried. Clone troopers heard the noise and surrounded the small girl. Who did not notice. Mara had strong powers of the force. Master Yoda  had never seen anyone like that before. He was doubting that Anakin was the Chosen one. She was more powerful than Master Yoda and Anakin combined. 

The Clone troopers tried to shoot the girl. They couldn't a invisible force had been placed around the girl. A shield, created by Mara using the Force. 

Mara created the shield. She heard footsteps and activations of lightsabers. She looked up and

Master Yoda and Master Kenobi were battling the Clone Troopers. They survived. She had to help them. Mara slowly got up and activated her brothers lightsaber. Her Master fought with speed never thought possible, but Master Yoda was 900 he had been training for hundreds of years. The lightsaber was heavy in her hands, she had only used a training one before. The lightsaber was to heavy for her to use, she couldn't use it. She sat down and cried again. She

had lost everything she loved. Her mother was killed in front of her.mAhe didn't know who her father was. Her brother, whom she was closest to has been killed by one she thought she could trust. Her life had been destroyed. She had lost everyone she loved. She felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Master Yoda" A voice she presumed to be Master Kenobi. "A youngling, a survivor" 

"A survivor we have" Master Yoda said "I sense a great tragedy in her thoughts" 

"What should we do Master" Obi-Wan said

"Padmé take her to Padmé you will" Yoda Said

"Master Yoda, Master Kenobi" A small voice said "Master Skywalker did this"

"No, he couldn't of." Master Kenobi said in disbelief 

"Take her to Padmé you shall, Master Obi-Wan" Master Yoda told Obi-Wan 

"Come, Youngling" Master Kenobi said

"My name is Mara" The girl said quite defiantly 

"Come Mara, I'm taking you to a friend" 

"I want to stay with my Brother" Mara cried

"Youngling, go you shall with Master Kenobi" Master Yoda said 

"Goodbye Johnothan, I will miss you" Mara cried, saying goodbye to her brother. " I will miss you"

"Go Youngling, now. Quickly you must" Yoda Said

"First Master Yoda I must do something, before I take Mara" Obi-Wan said


"Hurry you must, Obi-Wan"

"Come, Mara" Master Kenobi Told the Small Girl.

Mara thought for a moment and Picked up two lightsabers and felt in  her pocket for the blue crystal, her brother had given to her from when he went to choose one for his lightsaber. She stood up and walked to Obi-Wan

"Master Kenobi, we can go now" Mara said


Obi-Wan walked to the balcony, where Padmé was standing looking out at the city.

"Padmé, Please I know you don't believe me. Please I'm telling you Anakin Slaughtered younglings, he turned to the Dark Side" Obi-Wan said to Padmé

"You Can't prove the word of a child. I shall take her in and look after her" Padmé said almost crying 

"Before I go, the Child is Anakin's isn't it" 


"Then I'm truly sorry"


Padmé sat down as Obi-Wan left the room

"Mara, Come here. Hide in the cockpit on my ship" Padmé told Mara "We are going to Mustfar" 



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