Only one survivor. Aged two. Trained in the arts of the Jedi. One of the most powerful ever seen. One the council never told Anakin about. One who is more powerful than Anakin and Yoda combined. She is the Chosen one. She is the one to restore balance to the Force.

Set from
The Revenge of the Sith to The end of A New Hope

Book 1 of 3

I have changed around the plot. Mara and Jonothan are the only characters of my making. The rest belong to George Lucas and Lucasfilm, and Disney. (Some Chapters may seemed rushed as I want them published)


8. Passage

A Passage to Alderaan was found while she was exploring the stores. Luke had found her as she purchased a cheap pack of Pazaak cards. 

"Your getting that game?" Luke asked bewildered 

"What, I don't play for Credits. I just play for fun" Mara replied pocketing the game "Plus I'm quite good at it" 

"Sabacc is a better game" 

"I'm not for high stake games, plus Pazaak is an older game"

Luke shook his head and walked off leaving Mara to catch up with him. They arrived at a docking bay were the obvious smuggler pilot argued with the Hutt. She studied the Hutt's entourage. She quickly spotted a familiar face in the crowd "Fett" she muttered under her breath. The Mandalorian spotted her and his grip on his gun loosened. 

She turned away and faced Obi-Wan

"A Smuggler" She stated "Really? How much are you paying him"

"I'm not disclosing that information with you" He replied boarding the ship

Mara muttered a Huttese curse under her breath. 

"So your the other one?" The pilot chuckled "Well beautiful, I'm Han Solo the owner of this fine ship here"

"Well then Solo, if you flirt with me again I'll take one of your ears off" Mara threatened, then she turned and boarded the ship. She scanned the interior. It was surprisingly neat for a smuggler's vessel. She watched as a grumbling Solo made his way to the cockpit, she followed expecting to find Luke and Obi-Wan there. As she predicted, they were. The cockpit was too small for her liking.Moving away from the cockpit she trudged back to the main room and sat down by the Holochess table. She zoned out thinking about the future.


Mara was annoyed when the others came in. The wookie came and sat on the opposite side of the table to her. She moved to let the annoying C3-PO in. She leant against the wall as Obi-Wan taught Luke how to use the lightsaber. 

"Luke" Mara called "You're holding it wrong" Marching over she demonstrated the corrected position to hold the weapon. 

"If you know so much Mara, why don't you demonstrate" Luke muttered 

"And embarrass you? No thanks, though any other day I would take up the offer" 

Then a major wave of pain rippled through the Force and everything went dark. 


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