Only one survivor. Aged two. Trained in the arts of the Jedi. One of the most powerful ever seen. One the council never told Anakin about. One who is more powerful than Anakin and Yoda combined. She is the Chosen one. She is the one to restore balance to the Force. Set from The Revenge of the Sith to The end of A New Hope Book 1 of 3 I have changed around the plot. Mara and Jonothan are the only characters of my making. The rest belong to George Lucas and Lucasfilm, and Disney. (Some Chapters may seemed rushed as I want them published)


5. Droids

Mara followed Luke to the Jawa's. 

"Luke, we need a Protocol Droid and a R2 unit" Mara reminded Luke. 

"Yes I know Mara. You don't need to remind me" Luke said

"I'm just repeating what Beru said. Look Owen is already there." 

"Why don't you call them Aunt and Uncle, Mara. I do" 

"I'm not related to them, they adopted me." 

"Luke, Luke." A voice called from the house

"I'll be back" Luke said as he ran to the side of the pit where the courtyard of the house was. 

"Yes Aunt Beru." He called

"Remind you Uncle, if he gets a translator. Make sure it speaks Bochi." 

Mara stood waiting for Luke to come back. As Luke ran back. Mara thought to have a little fun with The Force. She knew she shouldn't mess around, but she did. Mara lifted a few rocks and placed them in a pattern. She saw Luke come back, she smiled mischievously and used the Force to make Luke fall over. Mara snickered as Luke got up. In result Luke glared at her. 

"What are you going to do after we get the droids" Luke asked Mara

"Help around the house. Go help Old Ben" she said 

"You help Old Ben three times a week Mara."

"I expect you want to mess around with your friends" Mare replied ignoring Luke's remark

"How did you know?"

"You always want to" 

"Luke, Mara. Help me with the droids I want you both to clean them before dinner" Owen said

"But I wanted to go to get some power converters"  Luke complained 

"And I need to go help Old Ben again" Mara equally complained "And you can't keep me here"

"You can do that after your chores" Owen said "Mara, we let you stay here. You better help"

"Fine" They both grumbled. Mara carefully looked at the droids 

"Which ones are we getting" Mara asked 

"This one" Owen said pointing to a gold protocol droid, Mara reconigsed as C-3PO. "And this one" and he pointed to a Red R2 unit. Opposed to the Blue R2 unit that was R2-D2.

"Off both of you go, clean the droids up now" 

Mara and Luke walked off with the two droids behind them. As they reached the entrance to the house. Mara used the Force to make the red R2 unit go faulty. It didn't take much work. The droid jittered a bit then went up in smoke. 

"Uncle Owen, this R2 unit is faulty" Luke shouted 

C-3PO tapped Luke on the shoulder and said "How about that R2 unit, I've worked with him before." 

"Uncle Owen" Luke Shouted again "How about that Blue one" 

Mara, stopped walking towards the house and turned a Blue R2 unit was speeding owads them 

"R2-D2" Mara said under her breath. Remembering the R2 unit on the ship coming back from Mustfar. Luke and Mara walked down to the garage and sat starting to cleaning the Droids.

"I'll never get to help Old Ben at this rate. I'll have to go before dawn tommorow" Mara Complained 

"Biggs was right I'll never get off this rock" Luke equally complained.

"I'm also stuck on this Rock" Mara pointed out

"But you leave this house a lot you left for four harvests" Luke looked at Mara

"I remember" Mara replied "I am not stupid"

"You were only meant to leave for one"

"I know I was, I lost track of time"

"I was fourteen when you left" Luke almost shouted "You returned three days before I was nineteen"

"I know Luke, didn't you notice any difference" Mara tried to control her annoyance "were they happier?"


"Were they happier?"

"Yes, except Beru"

"Owen has always hated me Luke, Beru likes me though"

"You've said that"

Mara looked at Luke. She continued scrubbing R2-D2 who was beeping. Mara laughed understanding R2"I know, don't worry I won't forget"

"What did he say?" Luke asked, Mara glared at Luke. 

"Something I can't tell you yet"

"Why! Won't you tell anyone anything?"

Mara was saved from answering the question, when a hologram popped out of R2-D2.

"Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi you're my only hope" The girl in the hologram said, the hologram repeated it's self again.

"There must be more" Luke ordered "Play it all"

R2-D2 made a few Whistles

"He said if you remove the restraining bolt he could play it all" Threepio translated

Mara sat down and sighed, knowing if the restraining bolt was removed, R2-D2 could stop the recording.

Luke removed the restraining bolt and it stopped, Mara could sense Luke's agitation. 

"Bring her back" Luke complained

Artoo made a few whistles 

"Bring who back. Replay the recording, you silly old rust bucket" Threepio ordered

Artoo made a few beeps 

"He said he'll only play it for his Master, who goes by the name of Obi-Wan Kenobi" Mara sighed "I know where he lives I can take it to him tomorrow"

"He is our droid now Mara!" Luke snapped 

"He could of been stolen" 

"But he is our now!" 

"Luke… Mara…. Dinner" A voice came from the kitchen.

Luke got up from the floor, and looked at Mara.

"You go ahead Luke, I've go to do something" 

Luke rushed out of the garage, as Mara faced the blue droid.

"Now R2-D2, I gave you a rock a long time ago. Do you remember?" Mara asked the droid

The Astromech made a few more whirls and beeps

"You remember, and you still have it" Mara chuckled "Well, I am the girl who gave it to you. You can scan me to check"

The droid beeped some more and pulled a black rock from inside. Mara took the rock and smiled, standing up.

"Thank you, Artoo" 

Mara left the room as R2-D2 found a way to escape to find Obi-Wan Kenobi.










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