Only one survivor. Aged two. Trained in the arts of the Jedi. One of the most powerful ever seen. One the council never told Anakin about. One who is more powerful than Anakin and Yoda combined. She is the Chosen one. She is the one to restore balance to the Force. Set from The Revenge of the Sith to The end of A New Hope Book 1 of 3 I have changed around the plot. Mara and Jonothan are the only characters of my making. The rest belong to George Lucas and Lucasfilm, and Disney. (Some Chapters may seemed rushed as I want them published)


4. 19 Years Later

Mara was now Twenty-One. She sat up in bed after a disturbance in the force occurred. She sensed death and destruction. These disturbances had happend more often. Since Luke's friends had gone off to join the Rebellion. Something, Obi-Wan -more commonly known as Ben- had told her about. She, had still continued with her training. Going where Ben was three times a week to train in the arts of the Jedi. She had been home a week after being away for four harvests instead of one. Owen was not happy at all. She stood up and sat back down again as flashbacks came to her, the day of Order Sixtey-Six, her second birthday. Mara hated the fact she could remember everything others couldn't. She hated the fact she had a photographic memory and could remember things from the age of one.

"Stupid photographic memory" she complained getting up to help Beru in the kitchen. 

As she reached the kitchen she could hear Beru moving around. 

"Hi Beru" She said entering the kitchen

"Mara, can you help me with this" Beru smiled handing Mara the pan 

"That is why I was coming here" Mara moved over to the stove top

"You've grown a lot Mara, I still remember when you were two years old" 

"I still remember, when Luke was a baby" she replied

"Ah yes, he is a lot like his father in many ways" Beru chuckled "I only met Anakin once, when he came to rescue his mother, before the start of the Clone Wars" 

Mara sighed trying to picture the stories Ben told her about Anakin Skywalker before he turned

"Beru?" Mara asked

"Yes Mara?"
"What time are the Jawa's coming?"

"Around lunch, are you going to Ben's around dinner?"

"Yeah, after Owen makes Luke and I clean the droids"

"Owen that lazy old Bantha never bothers cleaning the droids himself" Beru chuckled "I know you'll remember what we need. A protocol droid that speaks Bochi, and a R2 unit"

Mara instantly thought of C-3PO and R2-D2 from when she was two. She had given a rock from Mustafar to R2-D2 to look after.

"I'll remind them" 

Mara heard the door open, 
"Good morning Aunt Beru, Mara" Luke said sitting down at the table as Mara dished up "Where's Uncle Owen?"

"He wanted an early start" Beru stated sitting down as well. Mara handed Beru her plate before sitting next to Luke.

"The Jawa's are coming today" Mara mentioned pointing her fork at Luke. 

"What time?" He asked

"Around lunch" Mara replied 

After they had finished breakfast, Mara stayed to help Beru clean up before heading out to help Luke...




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