Trapped In The Moonlight- The Proper Version

This is the edited version of the story I wrote for Extension English 2 in high school. I decided there was so much more I could do with it, so i have begun to rewrite it.. Hope you enjoy what I've written so far


1. Prologue

Hey, my name's Claire, I'm one of four scientists on a mission to discover more about evolution, genetics and how life (mainly animal) works. We conduct little experiments to see what develops and how things react. Recently we were able to successfully meld two different types of animal DNA together. Creating an animal hybrid of a tiger and a wolf except smaller. We're still not sure of its gender but we predict it will make a kick-ass pet considering it's adventurous temperament. I volunteered to adopt it and monitor its behaviour. So far it has been difficult. It barks sort of like a dog, but with the wildness of a wolf and the chuffing sound of a tiger, it also purrs when happy, an intriguing, soothing sound.

            It's tail is striped like a tiger, but in the shape of a wolf's, long and shaggy, but it moves with the temperament of a cat. It's ears are pricked up like a wolf's, alert and ready, playful. It has the face of a tiger, but without the stripes, it's whiskers are long and elegant, above a lopsided tongue that hangs out when he runs or pants. It's eyes are truly beautiful though, wide and wild, full of life and curiosity. I could see that clearly as it ran through my apartment. Sniffing and jumping over everything, it was small and agile. It's curious green eyes darting everywhere. It's body was the size of a domestic house cat, small and agile. Striped like a tiger, but with brown, orange, black and grey. The long hair of a wolf. Paws of a tiger, body of a tiger, tail and legs of a wolf. It was strong but soft and gentle, cuddly. I wrote many long reports on his body and behaviour, long nights spent awake, pen to paper and then onto my laptop.

            Alas, I have been so busy that I've completely missed my mother's birthday, she turned forty about two weeks ago. So I've taken time off to travel the long and boring four hour drive to see her and my father. It will be worth it, the food is always amazing. But the night drive home is always scary, eyes watching me from the tree line, almost no signs of civilisation the whole drive. But at least I had my little experiment with me. The creature would be good company.

            My team was devastated that I had to take the day off  as we were supposed to be beginning a new experiment but they agreed to wait for me as it was my imaginative, fantasy theory. This past year has been extremely successful, with so many break-throughs, but it was time I mingled with the real world for just a day or two. My mind spent too much time off in an imaginary world full of scientific impossibilities and fantasies that occasionally I need a dose of reality otherwise my colleagues are worried I may disappear completely.

            So I prepared my little car, a gorgeous blue mini cooper S, perfect for a small girl like me. I rarely travelled much farther than the laboratory or the far expanses of my mind. It was an easy four hour drive in the morning, the day progressed slowly. Full of games, movies, lots of food and general discussion about my work and lack of love life, something my mother pressured me on. Apparently it's unusual for a 'girl like me' to be single at the age of 24. I argued that my work was more important, she insisted I needed company and I pointed at the little hybrid that lay in my lap. She rolled her eyes and sipped her tea. Conversation over. But the rest of the day and most of the night was rather lovely. Truffle, the name of my little hybrid, fit in quite well. Ravenously licking up all the bits of food that were dropped on the floor or snuck to it under the table.

            It was about eight at night when I finally departed my parent's house, bags full of left-over food and stomach full of desserts. I climbed into my car, Truffle curling up in his (her?) seat beside me. My father had insisted that Truffle was definitely a boy, but no gender defining parts were obvious and I hadn't seen him urinate yet, it was always in private. I pulled out of the driveway, hoping for a quick drive home, unfortunately this wasn't the case.


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