Magical Love

How would you like to live in a family where anything is possible? Lauren does and when she is chosen to complete the family's quest she is quite startled. Then she is sent to a boarding school where she discovers Billy sparks fly or is Billy who he says he is?


4. William and Darren

William was about 5,4" and had the loveliest smile. His short brown hair perfectly complemented his grey eyes. Then I realised I'd been staring an looked away. Mrs Comfort dismissed us and we began walking down the corridor together. "I forgot to say hello in there, I'm William but it sounds so uptight so everyone calls me Billy," his turquoise scarf perfectly complimented his leather jacket...."oh yeah ok. I'm Lauren, I've never had a nickname" Billy paused for a moment and studied my timetable. "what are you looking at?" I asked. "nothing much it's just it seems you've been given my timetable". I couldn't believe it, first Mrs C gives my the fittest boy to take me round the school and then I have his timetable. "Oh looks like you'll be stuck with me then" Billy smiled, "suppose I will". I had Maths and French followed by a half hour break, I can't recall any of the lessons except me and Billy had chosen to sit together and were told multiple times to stop talking. Once break arrived it seemed as though we had known each other forever. Billy and his friend Darren knew this awsome place where they could sneak off and have quiet conversations; he lead me down the school field into the nearby forest-technically off school grounds- and finally into a small den. "We made this last year" Darren said, "The teachers don't even know we sneak off, we've even gone down to the offie a couple of times..." "Cool" I said, "you got anything now?" "not right now but the next six weeks in this hellhole we've got plenty of time!" the boys laughed and I could see now perhaps St Pearls wasn't such a bad idea. "Do you sneak out at night?" Dareen nodded, "Billy's got this great trick all he has to do is blink-" Billy stopped him, Come Darren we can't tell her everything on her first day...Bother! Look at the time! We've got to run, you up to that?"
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