Magical Love

How would you like to live in a family where anything is possible? Lauren does and when she is chosen to complete the family's quest she is quite startled. Then she is sent to a boarding school where she discovers Billy sparks fly or is Billy who he says he is?


1. The girl with the unwanted gift

Hi. Its great to see you're reading my book but please don't just pass it off as pure fiction, it's not. I inherited a 'gift' off my Grandmother Meg a few months before she died. She had excepted her fate and believed I should complete the journey. It was a dreary winter, all the snow that had once laid on Grandma's drive had been enveloped by drains, snowmen and the countless showers of rain that had passed since the weekends snowfall. The last patch of snow of Abbey Road was in Grandma's front garden. I hopped down from my spot on the windowsill and joined the family for Christmas dinner. I was sat next to Uncle Sam and my dad. My mother, Aunty Trisha and Grandma were still preparing the meal in the kitchen and whenever someone opened the oven, the smell of roasting turkey and Grandma's secret recipe visited our noses. Our family to any outsider, would seem perfectly normal until the meal began. Grandma and Uncle Sam both had gifts however he never used his in the presence of his wife because when she learned of Grandma's talent she became very weary of her. Therefore he believed it was best that Trisha never learned of his talent. Suddenly out rushed mother with all the plates followed by Grandma's Christmas Buffet. Before long the dinner was finished and Grandma blinked and our empty plates became bowls of ice-cream each with two scoops, some chocolate, some strawberry others coffee. We swapped our bowls around until everybody had what they wanted. Near the end of the meal, Uncle Sam waited until Auntu Trisha was looking out the window and quickly blinked, another scoop of coffee appeared in his bowl. Aunty Trisha turned around and looked at her husband's plate rolling her eyes, "Christ Sam! You must be the slowest eater I've ever met!" She got up and walked upstairs to the toilet. The entire table erupted in fits of laughter until she returned. Once again using her gift,our empty bowls became presents which the entire group scrambled to open. Grandma's presents were the best and I don't believe she's spent a penny of Christmas her entire life. My present was a small blue box, I lifted the top and it revealed a small sapphire ring. "Grandma," I enquired, "this is your wedding ring why give it to me?" "Because my dear my time on this earth is nearly complete-" "Mother" my father said, "Don't talk that way" "Its True. I am soon to go join-" "The Devil" Aunty Trisha interupted. "Trisha. She's your mother in law don't speak to her that way!" my mother said slowly to show she was angry. My mother never raised her voice, instead she altered the speed in which she spoke. "Don't get angry Matilda. She's right. I have no place amongst the angels of the lord...anyway I have decided to pass on my gift..."
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