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My name is Slina I am not human. I know that I was young and I do not know where I came from. Or who is my family if they find out who I am really the people around will be scared of me. Only who I am is my foster parents. Who I am really and what is my purpose here?
Slina is a sweet and caring girl, but scared if people find who she is. However someone will soon who she is and will they send her back where she belong.


6. Things are picking up


Chapter six : things are picking up

On Saturday Katherine, Kerry and I were eating in a cafe. Kerry got nervous, she was sheaving and she spoken in a confident voice, 'I have been keeping a secret for a long time I am dating Mr. Weston for two years.'


'What, how?' I asked.

'I didn't know too, how old is he?'

'Well he is twenty two,' Kerry rolled her eyes. Even thought she is eighteen, the  problem was her parents were strict.


'So does your parents know about this?' Katherine leaned forward. Kerry looked awkward and she took a deep breath, 'no not really I don't know how to tell them,'


'But you will tell them soon right?' I got concerned and she nodded. Katherine decided to confessed, 'I like someone for a long time, the reason I said it I held back because you Slina.'


I went cold silence and I paused and I asked, 'Why?'


'I like Karl I am sorry.' I dropped a brownie and I slammed the spoon, 'When, why didn't you said something?'


'Calm down Slina,' Kerry comforted me and she turned to Katherine,

'So Slina what about you do you still like Karl?'


Now it was down to me, 'I like Karl a lot but I like Brandon as well, Brandon and I kissed yesterday. So I don't know who to choose?'


'I can choose, go for Brandon,' said Katherine.


'What?' I spring over.


'Well you are making process with him,' she faced Kerry, but Kerry didn't agree.


'I don't agree end of the day, this Slina 's choice, so what is between you and Brandon?'


'I don't know we went out by the river and  we kissed, he confessed he said he will never let me go.'


Kerry and Katherine paused, Katherine snapped my phone and she call Brandon.


'Hey are you dong?'


Katherine smirk, 'Ooops,'


'Hey Slina, what's up?' asked Brandon.


 I crawled up my phone, 'Hi Brandon well..'


'Come on asked him out?' Katherine hinted with her hands.


'Well I was going to ask if you free today?' I stumbled.


I heard him smirking and he said, 'Sure what time?'


'Maybe at half past one?'


'Sure where shall I meet you?'




'Shopping, movies anything?' Katherine and Kerry praising me.


'The Kew Way shopping mall,'


'Okay then I see you in half hour,'


'Sure see ya.'


I held my chest and I yelled at them, 'Why did you guys do that?'


'I think you should asked him about the kiss, if you guys are dating' Katherine suggested .


'Wouldn't that be weird?' I worried with a scream.


'Hmm I don't see why not?' Kerry beamed, 'so are you going to go now?'


'Okay I am going to go wait.. who should I choose?'


Kerry learned forward by arching her arms, 'let your heart choose okay.'


I hurried off and I meet up with Brandon.


Kerry's face changed and she had a displeased emotion,


'What?' said Katherine acted innocently.


'I know why you did that, you want Karl, Kathy I know you like Karl really. I don't want you and Slina break up over a guy.'


'I am not doing that, just that I am furious two guys like her and I want Karl. I am helping her choose Brandon,'


'Really, look end of the day is down to Slina.'


'Hey you were helping out too!'


'I know, but I know Brandon is right for her.'


'Really how come?'


'Let's said I can tell.'


I was waiting for Brandon patiently, I was complemented with my thoughts, what to do, who to choose. Why I agree to meet up with Brandon. Even though I want to know how Brandon feels, do I love him, maybe Karl just a crush. Does Brandon want a serious relationship with me.


As I sat there, I looked the time, I turned around, there was Brandon was sitting there, I jumped off the bent. I landed on my butt , Brandon laughed, 'Sorry I want to see how you react?'


'Not funny,' I tried to get up,  Brandon puts his hand out. He pulled me up and his hands felt soft and warm. I wanted to kiss him again. He took my hand and we walked through the street markets.


We tried some hats with bright colours I tired wooly hat and he tried top hats, caps and pointy hats. I had the biggest smile and I laughed so hard.

Then I found this white, bead top that I wanted to tried on. Brandon was looking something which I could not tell, 'What are doing?' I hover behind him.


'I am looking, go try it on.' he suggested.


I got in the changing room and I sighed with my thoughts, 'he seems normal maybe I need to find the right area to talk to him about it.'


I puts on the top and I waited his respond, he blushed and he turned around, 'no you can't wear it,'


'Why not?'


The sale consultant laughed, 'he is jealous that boys will fall for you. Aww you have a nice boyfriend.'




Brandon took my shoulder and he smiled, 'she is lucky.'




'Don't said anything I want you only look at me,' he looked away, his face was flashing red.


Later on we were sitting on the bench, we were drinking fresh juice. I looked over Brandon, 'so Brandon were you serious about the kiss?'


He leaned over and he kissed me, he held my neck, he shifted back.

'Was that serious enough for you?'


I looked down and it was a flower bloom necklace around my neck. I paused and he stared with his hazy eyes, 'Slina?'


My heart said, you love Brandon, so I kissed him, his eyes wide and he kissed back. As we kissed, we didn't notice Karl was watching us. His eyes grew of jealous he didn't said anything he walked away, without us caught him watching.

I genteelly pushed Brandon and he held my hands. He pulled along with a beaming smile.


Suddenly Brandon and I heard echoes of screams from the park. White and red bugs with linen wings. Brandon dragged me behind the tree. I peered through I saw the bugs injected the humans into purple horns demons. I reached my wings out and I strung them. Brandon took his wings and he lent his hand to me .


He placed me on the top the buildings we could see the bugs attacked the humans. The humans were fleet into their homes. One of the humans tried spray with bug spray. however there was no affects. Then they saw Karl fighting off the demons. Brandon flew down with thunder speed and he threw  his halo ropes and it expand a shield. It covered the demons and Karl was not pleased.


'What are doing?' Karl leaped up and he stared down Brandon.

Brandon threw Karl's arm, 'I should be asking, those are humans still'


'So what your plan, keep them trap?'


'You know keep a sleep?'


'What?' he looked at me and he was not pleased.


'Fine, Slina what you think?'


'I agree with Brandon, but we should have someone to keep an eye on them. Until we find out what is going on?'


'Don't worry Karl will stay,' Brandon folded his arms and he glared him. Karl smirk and he said, 'no, I think you should it .'


'Hmm still I think you should do it?'


'Both of them stop it I am sick of tired you two arguing, both you should stay!' I ordered them.


'Wait do you know how to fix it?'




'I do,' We turned and it was Elaine and she guided down and she said, 'you have find to the light rose in the highest mountain in the dark angels world before the time run out, you have until dawn. Let me help.' She snapped her finger and the shield broken. The demons were let loose and she disappear.


'What?' Karl pushed the demons and he held me and he demand, 'Go Slina now,'


'Where do I go?'


'Don't worry put your hand out and focus your energy to other side,' Brandon comfort her. He kissed her and he threw me and I focused my power, my true transform evolved but I felt no pain at all.


I opened eyes the world was dark and the sky was purple. The land was few with demons and dark angels. I looked around and I saw a woman but she was not a demon or dark angel. She smiled and she pulled me along. She took of her hood,


'Do I know you?' she asked


'No I don't think so, are you a human?'


'Hmm I used to be actually I am here to you.'




'You remind someone my daughter come on you need to find light blue rose right?'






I held her hand and we up the mountain. We looked around but there was not any light blue roses. The woman smell the air and she spread her arms out. I stopped and I looked her and I asked her, 'Who are you?'


'Just a human, who run away and I have so many bad things. I am looking for someone.'




'My husband, but come we need the light blue rose,'


'But your husband?'


She smiled, 'don't worry I find him, first thing we find some roses.'


She touched the ground and there was a light blue rose. She picked up and she gave me, 'when you will come back my queen.'




The woman vanished and I was left with confusion. My mind went strange and I saw image a dark angel and there was parents. The dad was a dark angel with horn and the human woman. My tears fall down my cheek and I opened eyes and I was back to the human world.


I bend down and I puts my head between them. I took a deep breath and I slowly got up and I looked around the demons were trying to break the shield.


'I thought Karl puts them to sleep?' I panicked


'Well he did didn't last long,' Karl snapped at Brandon and he shouted, 'shut up Brandon.'


I sighed of Brandon and Karl chaos their fights and I let out the light blue rose. The rose petals down and it landed on the demon and they turned back humans two was Katherine and Kerry. Their jaw down and they saw me, Karl and Brandon.


'Slina is that you?' asked Katherine.


'You can see me, Karl and Brandon?'

'Yeah Katherine and I can see you,' Kerry stepped forward.


'How can they see us?' Karl spoken in a demanding voice.


'It must the affect of the bugs we have make the other humans forget,' said Brandon.


'Fine I will erase their memory also Katherine and Kerry too,' as Karl stepped forward

and he casted the other human to lost their memory and he was about to do it to Katherine and Kerry. I stopped and I held his wrist.


'Please don't,' I begged.


'What?' He narrow his eyes at me.


'Please understand these are my friends they already saw I don't want to hide them anymore,'


'What about us?' argued Karl.     


'We will keep it a secret,' said Katherine.


'We promise whatever it is,' Kerry encouraged.


'I agree with Slina, they are her friends and we know them,' Brandon touched Karl's shoulder. Karl puts his hand and he said, 'fine.' He walked away and I pushed Katherine to him, 'Go.'


'So Kerry I am sorry you have to see it,' I said and she smiled, 'it okay Mr Weston, Paul told me about what his power too. I knew there something abut you, Karl and Brandon. Are you sure those two be okay?'


Brandon, Kerry and I stared at Karl and Katherine walking, we both nodded each other.


Katherine followed Karl behind. He stopped and he turned around, 'what do you want?' he ordered.


She looked uncertain and she said, 'I like you a lot Karl. I know who you are I wouldn't care less.'


Karl was shocked and he smirk and he said, 'Katherine do you I like someone you know I do.'


'No,' her throat choked.


'It's Slina

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