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My name is Slina I am not human. I know that I was young and I do not know where I came from. Or who is my family if they find out who I am really the people around will be scared of me. Only who I am is my foster parents. Who I am really and what is my purpose here?
Slina is a sweet and caring girl, but scared if people find who she is. However someone will soon who she is and will they send her back where she belong.


3. Chapter: The battles begins

Chapter three The battle begins 

 Elaine came from the darkness smoke. She flew closer to Brandon. He look great cold eyes and he spoken in a dark tone, 'What are you doing someone will see this?'


'Really, look around you time has gone still, you think mortal can see us what we are really doing?'


Elaine looked at the old woman and she make her disappear.


'What are you doing?'


'She is not real, I am the one who trigged Slina's power.'


'What do you want?' she stepped and she touched on his chin with seduced eyes,


'What you think, join us I think you are worth item for us,'


'Thanks for the offer but no,'


'For angel helping a fallen angel is wrong isn't it. Look at Slina she can't even handle her true form,'


'That is enough, I won't let you hurt her,'


'Really who and what army?'


Dark angels appearances out of no where. Elaine raised hand and she commanded, 'Attack them!'


Karl looked at Slina. He picked her up and he shook his dark wings out. Brandon had a surprise face, 'you are a fallen angel?'


'Brandon I will explain later come on we have to go now, it only two of us,'




'I will put her sleep let's go,'


'Okay come on,'


'Don't let them get way.'


The dark angels chased them up the sky. Karl was gripping Slina tightly. She saw a little vision who was carried her. Her version was blurred.


'Who are you?'


'Slina don't worry you will be fine.'


Brandon looked back and they were get closer and they hid through the clouds. The dark angels followed every move. Karl call out to Brandon, 'you go protect Slina okay I hold them off,'


'What are you crazy?'


'Just go.'


He gave Slina to Brandon flew quickly, Karl  stopped and  he shoot large black flames at them. Brandon looked back and he was astonished of  great power that Karl has. Karl throw another attack and one of them got hit. He hid in the clouds and he was not seem.


Brandon lost them and he flew in Slina's house. He opened the her bed room's window. He puts her safety in her bed. He stared her and he had a worrying face. She woke up and she saw Brandon.


'Brandon what happened?'


'Elaine was chasing us and Karl hold them off, '


'Karl what you mean?'


'Karl is a dark angel, he carried you and he gave you to me so he hold them off,'


'Is he okay?'


'Of course he is very strong,'


'Thank you.'


She laid off with relief. Brandon put his face against her and he asked, 'do you like Karl?'


'What no we are kinda friends,'


'Hmm, anyway where are your parents?'


'Hmm I am not sure they should be back now.'


I got off to bed and I looked at the time it was five o' clock. I looked at Brandon, 'do you think would remember you?'


'No why won't they, I make sure I made them forget me,'




'To honest I can't risk me discovery, even you, I am surprised Elaine is chased you now she had plenty of chances,'


'I know, maybe a different reason?'


'I don't know I need to ask her, anyway that isn't important now. We need to sort out your true transform why it is painful,'


'I don't know, maybe I am human as well,'


'Could be,'


'What should I do?'


'I don't know, I never see this before, the best you could do tried to resist the pain for now. Until you got used to it.'


I nodded and he stood close to me, I stepped back and he raised his hand and he puts on his chest.


'Now you used a lot of your power now. You breath to control your powers and control them carefully.'


'Okay,' I swallowed and I breathed in and out. I shut my eyes and let my thoughts disappear and I only focus my powers in my body. A dark power rise around. I panic and Brandon raised his voice, 'Calm down Slina it is powers, they will come out. It is natural.'


'Okay my powers I never see them before only my wings,'


'You need to practice now,'


'You are saying now Elaine and everyone are chasing us, we have to fight them?'


'Yes no matter what.' He placed his hand on my shoulder. He went against me, I focus at his earthy eyes. I closed my eyes and my parents thumb able and tumble in. I leaped back and my parents were staring at us.  My mum smiled and my dad coughed.


'We used to be like when we were young,' my mum elbowed dad.


'We did, anyway Slina who is this, your boyfriend?'


'No, this..'


I watched at Brandon, then I looked back my parents, I thought, 'did my parents forgot who was Brandon. He was the one who send me to them. Why Brandon helped them and ask their prays, why he hide it?'


'He is my friend Brandon.'


'It is nice to meet you, but really I have to go now.'


'Really you should eat dinner with us,' my mum offered.


'Thank you I got work to go to.'


'You work?' He leaned over he hushed in my ear, 'Don't miss me too much.'




He silently walked away and he smirk me with a wink . My parents chucked and my dad said, 'he seems nice.'


At night I opened the window and I looked at the night glittering and starry sky. I released dark wings out and I spun around and I found my favorite place. It was on the mountain and there was a white stone bent. I can see the blinking city light. I landed and  I rested knees up. I sang a song, it was song always on my head. I don't know who sang it, I guess someone who sang when I was little.


Then I heard a rushing from the bushes and I raised my hand as I prepared my attack. Luring the shadows it was Karl and he looked confuse at me. He had food with him. He stepped closer, 'Slina what are you doing here?'


'Karl I didn't you would come here,'


'Come here, I come here near every night,'


'Really I never see you here,'


'I guess we kept missing each other,'


He was guarding a bag and I pointed at it.


'What is that?'


'This?' he lifted his bag and it was rice with fried egg and prawns. He handed a spoon to me and he lend me a seat, 'Come on let's eat.'




'It is lovely night, your wings?'


'My wing right I should hide them.' He stopped me and he patted my wings and he took his wings as well.


'What are doing what if someone see us?!'


'If humans are brave to climb a mountain at night, that would bad thing. Right now no- one is here.'


'It guess did you flew here?'


'Of course,' He shared his bowl to me and I ate from it. I stared at him and I smiled like a little girl. He took out a can root beer and he opened for me. He opened his one and he guided me of the detail of the sky. 'Over there between the space and earth that I was from.'


'Really I thought is down there,'


'That is a myth,'


'Oh have you always been a dark angel?'


'No, but I do remember when and how I died'      


'I am sorry,'


'It is fine, I died well I saved my best friend who was going fall over the bridge, somehow I fall instead of him.'


'But why?'


'Well my friend wasn't happy with his life and I was the one who cause it. I hung around the cool kids and he didn't and I was a coward not to be his side. One day he tried to make suicide and I saved him. However I slipped and I got killed instead.'




'Slina I am not good trust me.'


'Yes you are always help me and you are nice to everyone. You tried your best,'


'Yes I know but I am still dark angel like you and we understand why human thinks we are evil,'




'Come on let's a race.'




He raised his wings out and he flew up and I tracked with him. We were neck to neck, and we flew through the clouds.


Then a gust of wind came out of no of where. I twisted and turned into Karl. He held me and we crashed on the  ground. I got up and I tried to wake up Karl.


'Wake up!'


Karl didn't wake up and he laughed out loud, 'Karl!'


'Sorry I am already dead, I will still be a live whatever damaged hit on me,'


'Don't do that, fine anyway it is getting late now,'


'Right I see you school right?'


'Sure see ya,'


'Bye Karl.'


He vanished in the night sky as I admired his wild spirit. My face beeped as cherry and I hung with Karl. I seen a hidden character from him. As I watched him flew away. I saw a shining star and I wished I can find my real parents.


In next day I was going to my locker and there was a girl with blue highlight and blind hair. She was standing behind my locker.


'Excuse us can you move please you are standing behind my locker?'


She gave me a blank look and she smirk at me, 'Oh it's you no,'


'Excuse me?'


'No I won't move make me?'


'Really okay I walk away,'


'What you need your stuff right?'


'Yeah I don't think you can stand there all day.'


The girl's face expressed like a toad and she leaned closer to me. I acted positive to her,


'Hey Lela stop it!' shouted Brandon.


He yanked Lela out the way and he came in forward, he patted on my shoulder, 'Sorry about that?'


'You are helping a fallen angel, she is not one of us you know?'


Brandon turned to her and he slammed his hand on the locker. He leaned to her and he said, 'I don't care what you think, I only care what she think. I am here to protect her .' He raised and he held my hand. We went passed her and she sank down and she looked miserable.


Was that a confession, come on get over yourself Brandon doesn't like you. I like Karl, but Brandon he was my first love. So, I looked down his hand his soft and manly hand holding my hand. He stopped and he looked at me, ' I am sorry about that, she can be a bit byssi, she is an angel and she is here to stop the dark angels as well,'


'Right you shouldn't apologized for her, anyway what you mean you are protecting me?'


'What are you falling for love me?'


'No, ' I ran to the classroom and Brandon trailed behind me.


In tutor class we had announced, 'Now you as know Elaine Menlo has left school, now exams is coming soon you must study hard,' said Mr. Weston.


'I wonder why she left,' Katherine said, she rolled eyes to Karrie commented, 'who knows I didn't like her anyway, what about you Slina?'


'Well..' the thing I seem Elaine's side and it is no pretty and I knew she can hurt me and everyone.


Then Katherine was proceed strangely, she placed her hand on her chest, 'Oww,' then she screamed. Mr. Weston shouted, 'Katherine come me, everyone get ready next class, Brandon, Karl and Slina stay here.'


All four in the classroom and somehow a dark angel floated behind Katherine stabbing her from the back with a long sharp needle. ' What is happening to me?'


'Don't worry, Karl come here please,'


He whispered in Karl's ear and Karl puts her to sleep. The dark angel grew anger tried to them, Mr., Weston reflected it and the dark angel flew away. We all look in shocked, 'Who are you?' I asked.

Mr. Weston took a deep breath he confessed, 'I can see things can more things more than normal can, I see angels, demons and dark angels. When they near me I reflect back.'


I looked at him and I studying his face, 'Come on Slina, I know you are half human and  dark angel. I am glad you are not bad,'


'Thanks I thought you will look me different,'


'No I wouldn't.'


Karl and Brandon taken me  away, 'Come on, hey Weston guess you assist us, I am worry about that dark angel is still here,' said Brandon. Karl punched Brandon on the shoulder, 'you are joking, him?'


'Come on we need more help right?'


'It is fine I will come later I need to keep an eye on Katherine,' commented Mr. Weston.


'Fine,' said Karl and he faced to Brandon and he whispered to him.


'Good ridden, but it is a match for you and I for Slina?'


'Fine,' he rolled his eyes and he was not impress.


Later on the day they heard a passive of screaming and everyone was running from  the science room. Karrie  didn't have normal, her eyes were crimson like blood and she wanted  to butcher them, like a piece meat.


I grabbed Karrie and she dug her nail on me, Brandon pushed her away me. I reached the ground and I saw them battling, She held tight on Brandon's neck. Karl shoot out his power at her, she shrieked and I catch her, she smirk and a dark angel tried ghostly through in my body. I felt weird and I felt a strange sharp and thorny pain inside of me. I kept screaming and Brandon grab a hold of him. My head grew horns out and I screamed much out louder, 'Take a deep breath,' said Brandon.


The darkness gusted out my body and he tried go near Karl, Karl stopped him with dark ropes and he tied and he struggled to get out. The dark angel disappear and Karrie feel in a deep sleep. Karl pushed Brandon out the way. He pointed his sword at him, 'this your fault Slina is like this,'


I stopped screaming the pain vanish, but I had horn and I got up and Karl and Brandon were to fight. I looked at Karrie and them, I have to stop or one of them might get hurt. I saw them throwing lasers at each other. I single-mindedness at them. They went through the ceiling, to the roof top and I caught up them behind. I reached my hand and it appear a dark spike staff out of my hand. There was a voice, a woman voice, 'Please stop them.'


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