27 minutes

27 minutes
Time was what killed him. Time was what made him think about who he's hurt, he needed to feel that pain he wanted to be punished. Every second he was alone he thought about his mistakes he wanted to rewind the clock so badly take back those simple words that made him so hurt for the months later. But time kept going it never has stopped and never will. Time was the real killer, this broken boy only needed time to slow down so he could forget about the memory's but Louis didn't have time. He had 27 minutes.


1. intro

Hi, everyone

I just needed to say something before I started, the idea of this book did NOT come from me, I originally read the story on wattpad and fell in love with it, this story means a lot to me so I thought I would rewrite it and put my own twist on it. So all credit of the idea goes to the organ orginal writer. Thank you and enjoy :)

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