Blue Birds, Red Birds, and Owls

There's an old Legend about Blue Birds, and Red Birds, and Owls. Blue Jay's bring good news or good luck. Red Cardinals bring bad news or bad luck. And Owls mean death is near. People don't understand why, when I hear an Owl hooting, I dart into the nearest building. Or when I see a Red Cardinal fly by, I expect the worst of news. Or when I see a Blue Jay, I smile as wide as I can. People think that the legends are silly, but me? I know better. And when I'm alone and I hear an Owl, I also know it's time to run.

Cover made by - SilverShadows and Mia Goldlight


4. Chapter 4

Celebrating the first snow fall of the year is kind of a tradition in my family. On this day, my family starts holiday shopping, and we put up all of our Christmas decorations. My sister comes home to visit with her fiancé, and her round growing belly. That's right, I'm gonna have a brother-in-law, and I'm gonna be an auntie!

Every year when the snow first falls, both sets of my grandparents and my aunts and uncles, and cousins, come over to see us as well. Nana and Papa Hein bring their famous Apple Cobbler, and Grandpa Stanley always entertains the family with his stories.

As the snow piles up, my younger cousins all race off to the fields to go sledding.

"Come on, Ado!" Trixie, the 3 year old little red head, calls to me from across the road. "Hurry! 'Fore the snow melts!" She squeals as if it is going to melt any second.

I grin. "I'm coming, I'm coming!" I head across the road and my cousin slips her tiny gloved hand into mine.

As we walk up the hill, Trix talks on and on about what happened throughout her day.

"You ready, Trix?" I say as I pick her up and set her into the sled. "Hold on tight!" I give her sled a push and she squeals as she sails down the hill.

I laugh at her reaction, and she giggles as she reaches the bottom. "Again! Again!" She exclaims, sauntering back up the hill with her sled.

"Yeah?" I take her sled from her and set it back on the ground at the edge of the hill. I pick her up again and place her back in the sled. "Ready?" I grin.

She nods, with her fiery hair flopping around her head. I push her down the hill. I start to smile, but as soon as the sled tips off the hill, I see a flash of red up, high above me.

I hear a thud! at the bottom of the hill, and my breath catches in my throat.

"Trix?" I call out.

When she doesn't answer, my heart drops into my stomach. I slide down the hill, and see a little lump of snow with the little blue sled sitting right next to it.

I sprint down to the lump and dig into the snow, until I find Trixie's mop of curly red hair. I uncover the snow from the rest of her and lift her off of the ground.

Oh no, oh no, oh no.

"Trixie?" I manage to croak out. I push my dark hair out of my eyes and hurriedly examine her. Her eyes are closed, her lips are a pale shade of blue, her skin is freezing to the touch, and she's taking really, really shallow breaths.

"Trix," I shake her gently. But when she doesn't reply, I take off my blue Air Force jacket, and wrap it around her. I then cradle her to me and take off towards my aunt on the other side of the field.

"Aunt Ames!" I call to her. "Aunt Ames! Trix... she got caught in the snow. She--She's so cold,"

My aunt rushes over to me and takes her from my arms. "Watch the twins!" She says as she rushes to the house.

The frightened twins, Kaitlyn and Braxton(They're only 7) wrap themselves around my waist. "She's gonna be alright," I say in a soothing tone, trying to reassure them. "Come on, little jays." I say as we take the heavy steps back to my house.

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