Blue Birds, Red Birds, and Owls

There's an old Legend about Blue Birds, and Red Birds, and Owls. Blue Jay's bring good news or good luck. Red Cardinals bring bad news or bad luck. And Owls mean death is near. People don't understand why, when I hear an Owl hooting, I dart into the nearest building. Or when I see a Red Cardinal fly by, I expect the worst of news. Or when I see a Blue Jay, I smile as wide as I can. People think that the legends are silly, but me? I know better. And when I'm alone and I hear an Owl, I also know it's time to run.

Cover made by - SilverShadows and Mia Goldlight


3. Chapter 3

"Rise and shine, little blue bird!" My covers are ripped from my bed and I see my grandpa's light brown eyes staring down at me.

I chuckle and reach up to hug him. "Grandpa!" I exclaim. "Whatchya doing here?"

"First Flake's are supposed to fall today!" He exclaims, releasing me from the hug.

"Oh right! I completely forgot!" I hop up out of my bed and follow him out of my room. First Flakes is what Grandpa calls the first snow fall of the year. Every year, my grandparents drive down from Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, just to be with us when it happens.

We pass my dad on the way down the hall. "Morning, Jay Bird," He greets me, handing me a steaming coffee cup. "Go wake your brothers up, will ya honey?"

"Sure, I'll meet you guys downstairs." I grin an evil grin and quietly creep into the room 3 of my brothers share.

"Aw, how cute." I find a shirtless Dixon(The oldest--18), sleeping sprawled out on the bottom of their bunk bed, and Dalton(The second oldest--17 and a half) sleeping on the top bunk with his head hanging off the side. Then I find Denton(The third oldest--16), sleeping on the Futon, cuddling with a pillow.

"It'd be a shame to wake them up, when they're sleeping so peacefully," I whisper to myself. Then I throw my head back and silently laugh to myself.

Setting my coffee cup on their dresser, I curve my thumb and my index finger to fit my mouth, and whistle as loud as I can. "Everybody up!!! The owls are here and are killing hundreds of people as we speak!!!" I shout at the top of my lungs.

Dalton's eyes fly open and he topples to the ground, Denton screams like a little girl, and Dixon lashes out blindly, as if to fight off the owls.

Meanwhile, I am laughing so hard my sides hurt.

Dixon is up in two seconds flat and is throwing me over his shoulder.

"Put me down!" I squeal, kicking my legs up, hoping to hit his face.

"Not a chance, Little Red!" He grumbles. Ha-ha, 'Little Red,' as in Little Red Bird. What a freaking comedian.

"You should've seen your faces!" I exclaim. "That was hilarious and you know it!"

"Yeah, yeah," He mutters to himself, taking us both downstairs. I scowl and wait for him to drop me somewhere.

"Morning dad," He says as we pass him in the dining room.

"Morning, son. . ." He trails off as he sees me slumped over Dixon's shoulder. "Hey Jay Bird," He hesitantly says. "Should I ask. . . Or no?"

I think for a second. "Probably not," I wink at him.

"Alright then," He sips his coffee and Dixon then carries me into the living room.

"Put me down already!" I pound my fists on his back.

"Ow!--Do you want me to drop you?--Ow!" He throws me onto our light brown leather couch.

"Hey!" I whine. "I was supposed to wake you guys up, I was just doing my job!"

"You could've woken us up without giving us a heart attack!" He chuckles so I know he's not too terribly pissed at me.

"But that ruins the fun!" I laugh.

He rolls his eyes as plops down on the couch beside me. I rest my feet on his legs. "First Flakes are supposed to fall today." I tell him.

"Oh! So that's why I was woken up, by a crazy half-pint screaming about owls?" He mocks.

"I am not a half-pint!" I narrow my eyes at him.

"You are too! You're not even 5'2 yet, and you barely weigh 100lbs." He smirks at me.

I roll my eyes. "That doesn't make me a half-pint,"

"Keep telling yourself that," He mumbles.

"Denton, Dalton!" I shout. "Come on now! First Flakes will fall any minute!"

I hear 4 sets of footsteps fly down the stairs. Which means that my younger brother Daryn(Who just turned 5), my mom, and the rest of my brothers are finally up and rushing down the stairs to see the flakes fall.

"Everybody to the window!" Grandma Oaks commands as she charges into the living room.

All of us sit down on the wrap-around bench to our enormous curved window. Me right in between Dixon, and Dalton. I stare at the sky for what seems like hours, waiting for a piece of white to fall.

"Maybe First Flakes won't fall today--"

"Shut up, Dixie Cup," I cover my brother's mouth with my hand as I see a Blue Bird fly above our house.

The weather might not be so consistent in Oklahoma, but First Flakes are almost always on time. Keyword: Almost.

Grandma cheers as she spots the first beautiful snowflake, followed by the rest of the family starting to cheer. And for the majority of the day, we watch as the streets and cars and trees get covered in a shiny, sparkly, blanket of white fluffy powder.

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