Blue Birds, Red Birds, and Owls

There's an old Legend about Blue Birds, and Red Birds, and Owls. Blue Jay's bring good news or good luck. Red Cardinals bring bad news or bad luck. And Owls mean death is near. People don't understand why, when I hear an Owl hooting, I dart into the nearest building. Or when I see a Red Cardinal fly by, I expect the worst of news. Or when I see a Blue Jay, I smile as wide as I can. People think that the legends are silly, but me? I know better. And when I'm alone and I hear an Owl, I also know it's time to run.

Cover made by - SilverShadows and Mia Goldlight


1. Chapter 1

This is getting out of hand--Birds are overthrowing my life. First a cardinal lands on Grandpa's shoulder, and now he is slowly losing his mind to dementia. Then I go walking with my great uncle, we hear an Owl, and he dies of a heart attack! And just last week, a Blue Jay flies over my sister's head, and she gets engaged!

Although, if I tried to explain my bird paranoia to anyone, they would send me in for psychological testing. But I know it's the birds causing everything!

I'll explain; Let's say that you're walking in the forest with your boyfriend. The sun is setting, there's a soft breeze that brings goose bumps to your arms, causing you two to snuggle up close to each other(Perfect date, yeah?), and all of a sudden, you see a silver-white owl, perched on a branch, staring down at you. You two walk up to the tree to get a better look at the magnificent creature, when suddenly, it starts hooting. It stares straight at you as it talks, thinking about when and how it will take you down.

After looking at the owl, you two continue your walk, when you drop your phone on the ground. Your boyfriend kneels down to pick it up for you, and he start coughing. Badly. Pretty soon, he's hacked up all that he ate that day, and he collapses. You call 9-1-1 to have him rushed to the emergency room, but by the time they paramedics get there, your boyfriend has stopped breathing.

Cause of death? Unknown.

It's the Owl's fault! You don't know how he did it, but it is his fault!

I have been dealing with this kind of thing my whole life. They have warned us, and there's no stopping them.

The birds are out to get us.

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