Killer Love

Louise coffin has a horrible past with love, she told herself she'd never love again. But when she runs into a group of guys, and moves In will she change her mind or just block everyone out for the rest of her life?


3. Chapter 2

Maskys POV

Slendie walked into my room "Masky can you go with Louise to get her stuff?" He asked "Yes I'll go." I said and got up and left my room, and followed Louise outside "So where are we going?" I asked "To the house I used to camp out in.". After a while we got there, I stood outside her room while she gathered her stuff in a backpack "So what's your name?" She asked me " Masky." I answered "Cool." She said, wait she likes my name? "T-thanks. I studdered. We walked back to the mansion and I offered to help her unpack "sure" she said, we walked upstairs and unpacked. She suddenly tripped on something and I caught her, but as my luck would have it Toby walked by "Whoa there." He smirked. I balanced Louise back on her feet and walked into my room, what is that guys problem?

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