Killer Love

Louise coffin has a horrible past with love, she told herself she'd never love again. But when she runs into a group of guys, and moves In will she change her mind or just block everyone out for the rest of her life?


2. Chapter 1

Masky's POV

We arrived back at the mansion, I hope we weren't gone too long. I looked at Louise. She looked at me and I looked away. "Well this is it." Eyeless Jack said aloud, Slenderman appeared outside "There you guys are- oh who do we have here?" He said looking at Louise. "I'm Louise." She said, with a strong voice "Well hello Louise, I'm Slenderman." She just nodded. Well come on in." We all walked in, I stayed at the back, I found Hoodie, looking over the sofa at Louise I walked over and sat by him, "Who'd ya bring home?" He asked "A girl named Louise." "Hmm, I wanna call her chainlink." He said "Well I wouldn't she doesn't kid around.". I tuned in on the conversation Slendie and Louise were having "Well I think I have a space upstairs for you." Slendie said and led her upstairs. "Got a crush Masky?" Tiki Toby said "NO!" I said he just smirked.

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