Voodoo Doll - A luke hemmings fan fiction

Piper just wanted to be normal like everyone else , Have Freinds , Be popular . What happens when Luke Hemmings , comes to North Pointe Acadamy ? Will he controll her like a voodoo doll or will she take things into her own hands?


3. Pipers History

Nariarator : Piper was born on Christmas Day , but as soon as she got home she was Basicly beat to death by her father , the only reason she wasn't is because her mom ran in & scared the crap out of him. But as the years continued & Pipers mom went back to work "the father" came back & while Pipers mom was @ work her father would come back &, beat her . If she spoke a word that he was beating her she would be killed LITERALLY. She has dated many guys apon her looks,but as soon as ANY of them found out the truth about her they left her  she has let no-one in for the past few years & has tried commiting suicide , but has failed misserably .

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