Voodoo Doll - A luke hemmings fan fiction

Piper just wanted to be normal like everyone else , Have Freinds , Be popular . What happens when Luke Hemmings , comes to North Pointe Acadamy ? Will he controll her like a voodoo doll or will she take things into her own hands?


2. Lukes pov

 When i walked into Mrs.Yacavinch's class  I didn't know what the fuck I was getting my self into.

Mrs.Yacsvinch from what ive heard screached on the top of her lungs saying " Sit next to Piper in the back." As soon as she said that Piper chirped up & raised her hand. I walked over and sat down and 'Piper' whispered " Hi , I'm Piper Kinney." I responded saying ,  hi I'm Lucas Hemmings , but people just call me Luke. Can I tell you something? "Sure."

I'm High..



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