Voodoo Doll - A luke hemmings fan fiction

Piper just wanted to be normal like everyone else , Have Freinds , Be popular . What happens when Luke Hemmings , comes to North Pointe Acadamy ? Will he controll her like a voodoo doll or will she take things into her own hands?


5. I guess i now have a drunken friend

 I could tell Victoria could care less  that on my first day at this Awkward school , that i was high..

I was wearing my Narvania Tee & My black ripped skinny jeans.

After i said that she replied with 


I smoked pot ..Before i got here in the car

Ok im Drunk more like buzzed..But thats beside the point.

Awesome  I scream whispered 

Quiet ! By the way I like your shirt

And that was the end of that..

Victoria then passed me a note  near the end of class saying ..

Meet me in the Grassy Hill Area After Lunch"

I Guess I now have a drunken Friend


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