Stranded love||L.T fanfic

It just HAD to be me. I get stranded on an island with the person i would least want to get stranded with

Short chapters


1. the crash

Natalie's POV

i was on my way to my moms third wedding this and i thought i couldn't keep a man. So i was on a plain to my moms third wedding and sense i didn't really like plains i put on my beats and listened to my favorite band Five Seconds of Summer when i dosed off.

About and hour later i was awaken bye a little boy that couldnt have been any older that seven kicking my seat. I tried my hardest to ignore it... And when i say tried i mean TRIED!! I ended up getting in trouble for disturbing the other people on the plain for yelling at the kid..... Great. Bug eventually he did stop and i went back to my dreams.

In my dream people where running everywhere and screaming like a chicken with there heads chopped off . Thats when i woke up to realize that it wasnt a dream it was reality. I had gotten a window seat and looked out of the window "crap" i whispered. The engines where on fire and we where slowly going down.

All of the sudden the man sitting next to me started praying and then he told me." Why are they screaming and crying i mean we are all gonna die anyway right?" He asked and i replied with a simple "yea".

Out of the blue the plain went pitch black and red lights started to blink. And then we hit the water with a loud crash.

I unbuckled my seat belt and i saw a light where the plain had cracked in half and started to swim to it. But before i could i caught a familiar mans eye and he swam to me and i just blacked out.

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