Daniel Lucas

Daniel Lucas, to many people that name would be a joke. But to me,That name, reminds me of a lost love story. It wasn't a usual romance. It was filled with a lot of pain and saving each other from ourselves. But I couldn't save him. No, Daniel couldn't be saved because he was already gone.
(I am mainly writing this because, it isn't only girls that self harm).
*FINISHED* (Finally!!)


3. chapter 3

I sat in algebra and waited for class to start. Finally the teacher walked in and started to teach but Logan still took the chance to pick at me. "So are you going to pull a Daniel Lucas?" he asked. I ignored him just like Daniel told me to do in his note. I always kept that note with me everywhere I went. I didn't want to set it down and forget about it. I didn't want to forget about him. "so how did he do it?" I was getting mad now. I felt my face get red and tears well up in my eyes. just before I started to yell someone said something. "Dude leave her alone." 'You don't even know what we are talking about." Logan said. "I know you're upsetting her." The guy said. "And?" Logan said. "Just shut up man," he said. Just like that everyone shut up. It wasn't like anyone said or did anything threatening, it was just that it wasn't worth the fight.

When class was finally over I hurried to my car. They guy followed me. "Hey, uh, Im Nick." He said. I looked at his extended hand. I took it. "I'm Maggie." Then I turned to unlock my car. "I wanted to say, don't let Logan upset you. He is dumb." I finally got my car unlocked. "Thanks. Seems like my... Boyfriend told me that once." I opened my car door and put my bag in the back seat. Then I turned back to him. "listen, I heard what happened." he said. "So did everyone else in this school." I said. "I wanted to tell you I'm sorry. Its got to be hard to loose someone you love," he said. "yeah." I turn and sit in my car. "Do you want a ride?" I asked. "Sure," he said. But he just stood there looking at me. "Gonna get in?" I asked. then he walked to the passenger side. "Seat belt." I said while putting mine on. "Seat belts are over rated." I looked at him. "Put it on or you will just have to walk home." Then he put it on. I drove him home, getting lost several times along the way. Finally we stop at a nice white house with a brick porch. "Thank you. Do you want to come in and stay for supper?" What? why was he asking me to stay? "Uh. I would but I need to get home. My parents will worry." Lie. my curfew was midnight since it was a Friday. My parents never seem to worry about where I am since I was always with Daniel before, everything. "Okay. Ill see you Monday then." he said "See you Monday." Then h got out of my car. "Oh, got a pen and paper?" He asked. "Uh, yeah, why?"  I ask. I hand him a pen and piece of paper. "This is my number. Text me." Then he walked away I waited till he was at his steps to drive away. He lived in a very nice neighborhood. It seemed like every house had White picket fences and a willow tree in their yard. Don't get me wrong I lived in a nice area too but this was where rich people lived.

When I finally got home, I went to my room and did my homework till I was called for Dinner. I sat there in front of my plate. Chicken fried steak, Mashed potatoes, and Green Beans. I ate in silence,listening to my parents conversation. "I met this new kid in my class today." I said interrupting their conversation. "He stood up for me. Logan was talking bad about Daniel to me. I gave him a ride home. His name is Nick." they both looked at me. I never looked up from my plate that was nearly clean besides the green beans. "Nick, huh." "yeah." 'Well I think its good your moving on with your life, Maggie." mom said. "Its not moving on. I just gave this guy a ride home. I don't think I will ever move on. he just died mom." I said looking at them. Now I understand why they were always carful about what they said to me. I got up and put y plate in the sink. "I'll be in my room." I said walking past them. In my room, my walls where covered with posters and pictures. Most pictures where of my and Daniel. I use to love looking at them, but now, they made me sad. I went to my dresser. I noticed all the stuff that I had thrown was still on the floor. I didn't care. I repeated picking up my blade and placing it to my arm. "I'm sorry Daniel." I whispered. One, two, three. Blood going down my arm, I went to the bathroom. Put my arm under the cold water for a few minutes. Then it stopped bleeding. I started to cry. Not because I promised him, but because I was weak.

"How would you do it?" He asked. "Do what?" "Leave this world?" I looked at him. we where laying on our backs looking at the sky. "I wouldn't, Because you're my world. I don't want to ever leave you, Daniel." I said. He smiled without looking at me. Not another word was spoken that day.

A/N: sorry it's so short. Tell me what you think!!! :)

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