When I met you in the summer- Ashton Irwin fanfic

Bella goes to this music camp for the best of the best bands/artists/musicians and she well meets a very special guy. His name is Ashton Irwin and how they meet is that 1. She's Harry styles sister 2. Her and 5sos has to share a cabin for the summer...


4. Long chapter...

Bella's POV;

I wake up and do the normal morning routine. "I have to lecture people today" I groan. "Yep well have fun do you have your speech" ashton asked "nope I'm screwed" "just follow your heart" Calum said I roll my eyes. I throw on a white shirt, converse, and blue jean shorts. I just put on foundation and mascara nothing special. I get my protein shake for the morning and head back to the cabin. I drank it fast packed everything I needed and I kissed Ashton bye. I quickly catch up to the girls who were doing lectures the next few days. "Hey ladies" "sup what took you so long" "protein shake" "oh well what's your speech gonna be today" "I was thinking fears and after I'll say face one of your fears and blah blah blah" "good" Emily said opening the door to the building. I see teenagers in rows and rows of seats. "Hello sorry for going late" I say throwing my bag on the ground. They become silent. I grab a microphone "hello again! I'm Bella Styles and I'm going to speak today! I know you might blow this off but I please ask you to listen cause believe it or not I'm around your age and I understand... So I'm going to talk about fears and being entertainers we must face our fears a lot" I pause "and we have to live with them but there is more than one type of fear... There is physical and emotional fear. Physical is heights in which you can get over... Might take time but you still will. Now emotional fears are scary... They are a horror film... They are the fears you can never give up... They are the fears that are your feelings... Mine is insecurity... Im afraid of not being noticed and I'm not good enough... It sucks... But we try to stuff it down deep inside of us but little do we know it's gonna crush us... You can't get over it but there is a cure... The cure is different for each of us... Mine is music music helps me cure it... Even though I'm still trying to cure it I'm better I'm social now! But this isn't about me this is about y'all so I'm gonna talk about the guys first... Guys I don't understand you but I hope I'm close... I think you fear rejection... There was probably a girl which you never asked out because you were scared... But it's completely ok! Guys you might not be there if you would've asked her so just let it go and stop being afraid! It's better you trying and failing than not trying at all! Now girls let's just all agree we are a hot F'ing mess." They laugh "but we have so many insecurity's like I'm not good enough, no one likes me, I am not loved, and ect. I know it's hard because we are all beautiful and I believe that cause somebody loves you and you don't know. And I've not even told my cabin buddies this but..." I look directly at Ashton "I was in an abusive relationship... And it was hard first it was I love you and your beautiful to no one loves you and him cheating on me... And it sucked until I told someone I came to my mom and was crying and she said to go back to him and hit him so hard and then flip him off and say we are done. Yes my mom said to flip him off best mom ever" laughter erupted "and that's what i did I held it in like a winner and did it and I'm so happy I had the courage to do that.., and I mean if your dealing with something similar tell me I understand tell someone and even if you want me to kick his ass I will" they laughed "and you know I will" laughter continued " anyway tell someone and ladies and gentlemen your fears are so strong but tell someone about them... You male child in the front row come here and you female ladie come here." The blonde green eyed guy stood up and walked on stage and a brunette blue eyed girl came on stage. "Who are you" I asked handing them each a microphone "max 17" he said and flipped his hair "jazmine 17" "nice to meet you what are y'all's fears cause I'm 100% sure you both are facing one now tell me your fears deep down" I say I point to max "my fear is public speaking even though I'm a singer... And rejection" he said blushing a beautiful... No gorgeous blond tan blue eyes girl stood up and said "why you are gorgeous your like a model why would anyone reject you!" She said "I'm Hayley FYI we need to talk after" she winked and sat down guys looked jealous "nice and true now Jazmine" she blushed "mine is not being..." She was cut off by a tall lad who looked exactly like Cameron Dallas.... So he's gorgeous "well don't even finish I think the guys and I think your down right beautiful and are gonna hopefully get your number after this" his Australian accent rang "right mates"  yeahs and nods came from the guys. "And FYI I'm Cameron Taylor and I will get your number somehow beautiful " I was kinda spot on... Mental high five. the guys again were giving him glares she turned bright red and said "thanks Cameron" she looked down "see you guys if you would just face your fears Wesome things will happen... So just do one thing face one fear today please. And you guys see what could happen forget all the other shit cause it's just shit" I pause "I'm not suppost to curse am I" I see the girls shaking their head "shit... Shoot sorry" they start laughing "but please face your fear! Peace out" I kiss two fingers and turn them into a peace sign. I hear claps and I exit the stage. "Bella you have 30 mins you have to entertain them" Luke said "shit" I head back on stage everyone got silent "so we have 30 mins what y'all want me to do" everyone looked to each other "dance" one girl said i heard yeahs. "Ok then sage get out here play TDFW 37" she nods and tells Calum what buttons to press to play. She runs on stage and we get in our positions she nods at him and he starts it. We start to dance to turn down for what and I was pretending to be a doll and she was a i don't know but still (video below). When we ended when she pulled me on her back and I hung. I heard claps, "thank you we have time to spare but I don't know what to do so see y'all soon" I wave And get off the stage. I here cheers and people yelling. I smile and laugh... That went well. As I leave i see jazmine talking to Cameron and Max and Haley talking too. I smile and wave at Ashton "you are amazing" he gave me a hug "thanks and all I said was true and don't baby me I'm over him" I say smiling "ok but still" he smiled "anyway what do we do tonight" I ask the group (5sos, AS) "we do activitys" Calum said "ok sage we have to go to the studio" she nods.    "God that was awesome Beyoncé is fun to dance to" she said as we put clothes over our dance gear. "Honey we have 2 weeks left" I made a sad face. "Ya and I hope we get to hang with the boys after" sage said making a pouty face "hey this weekend we have 2 free days so the first day my bro is throwing a party" her face lite up. "The crew has to go" we high five "one day until the party tom y'all have speeches have fun" I say laughing "yea" she said sarcastically. We hurry to the cabin and they were all there "hey you guys" I sit on my bed "have y'all had dinner" sage and I nod "us too good I thought we all could go swimming later" I nod and smile "hey not tom but the day after that Harry is having a party y'all wanna come" I ask "yeah were in" Calum said "of coarse" Katy said "ok well then and girls I have an idea... as we are in the pool let's film a video... A cover to starships!" Emily said "yes let's get some of the campers in too so we can encourage the camp" sage said "yes! Let's get Jazmine, Cameron, Haley, Max, and some others let's go get the kids!" The boys looked confused. "Hey Emily and Mike and cal your with me" sage said "Ashton and Luke and Katy let's go" we head out and head toward the cabins... We have a list of who's in which cabin so... We head to cabin 2 and knock Jazmine answered the door. "Hey girl what's up" she asked "hey you and your cabin wanna come to our video shooting sense this is your last years" i say "how did you know that" "your sign says seniors" I say she laughed "ok... LADYS WANNA BE IN AN AMERICAN SUMMER MUSIC VIDEO" I see a few girls run to the door "we are so in" they say excitedly "bathing suits and make them apropriate your representing this camp and no American bikinis, towels, sunglasses, and some other fun stuff you may have like floats or something" Katy said shrugging. "Ok see you guys" Mike and Ashton said. "Now we have Cameron... Cabin 17" I see sage and them heading toward Haley's cabin and we salute to them. They wave we knock at the guys door and ashton and I stand in front. "Hello Wats up ash" they do the manly handshake hug thing and he does the same to Mike "hey Katy and Boss Bella" "what the heck I'm special I have a nickname" I do a fist pump he laughs "anyway we have a music video and we are asking all the seniors to be in it" I say "we are gonna be In a pool so bring swiming crap" Mike said "ok you guys in" I see boys come forward smiling "yeah so that means jaz is gonna be there" Cameron blushed "yep she is and she is awesome" I say and wave goodbye. We head to the cabin and grab our stuff. I pack an American bikini and all the girls did too the guy it have no clue what they packed. I see a floaty manacan looking dog "what you wanna name him" Mike asked "ketchup" I say "yes!!!!" All the girls said "ketchup It Is" Ashton said smiling as he saw me in my bathing suit. "You told them no American right" I ask sage "yes we told them" she smiled and grabbed us towels. Katy and I head out to the pool to set up the cameras I have my underwater vlog camera in hand and I see cabin 2 show up "wassup babes" I say hugging each one "bathing suit check" they pull the towels and toss them to the side "ok good! Thanks for not being skanky" sage said smiling "ok so we are doing a video to starships and which of y'all are singers?" I see jazzy and a blond raise their hands. "Sing starships" they harmonize starships... And were good... Like really good. "Ok good you will sing with us... Anyone else that's from the new group" I see Cameron, Max, Haley and a brunette girl raise their hand. "Ok good tom we will take you to the studio but now we have to film" Emily said and Katy smiled. I see the guys take their shirts off and the girls tried not to stare. "Ok here we go" I say and clip my hands.    I wave goodbye to the teens as they left I see the videos and smile. I dry off and smile at Ashton the crew were laughing and I said "screw this I wanna swim more" I grab my waterproof camera and jump into the water. I make it face toward me and I wave. I turn the camera back around to face someone jumping in the water Ashton landed in the water and I smile as my brown hair floated. I go up and breath and I see others get in the water. I hand the camera to Katy and she starts to take selfies with us. We have to go up and get air which is annoying but I don't want to die. I smile at Ashton and we kiss underwater, and Katy of coarse took a picture. And I smile as we both go up for air we laugh. The boys take a picture of our band doing diffrent poses,  like we got one that looked like a A and a S which was cool. We go up for air and we high five and take more pictures. I put my camera up and dry it off. "I'm hungry" I say they all nod "please get food" sage begs Calum and kisses his cheek "ok meet us in the cabin" Mike said I hug Ashton as he leaves. We run back to the cabin. We shower off and change into our pjs for me it was a big sweater and spandex... I was so comfy. When the boys walked in I put my hair in a bun and Ashton brought me pizza. "Love you" I grab his face and kiss him. I hop in his bed and grab earphone and plugged one in my ear and one in his. We ate pizza as we watched Bridesmaids. We started dieing laughing over and over again and they had to tell us to shut up 5 times. We get up and throw away the pizza box outside and as we were outside I hopped out on the patio wooden rail fence looking thing and sat down. Ashton came right in front of me and looked up to the stars "the stars are jelly of you" I turn my head like a confused dog "they are trying to be prettier then you but you are too gorgeous" I blush and say "your the best boyfriend ever" I trace his perfect jawline and put my hands on both sides of his face "I love you" and before he answered I kissed him passionately... And this time no one disturbed us. I smile and whisper "sage hasn't..." I was cut off by sage coming out. I fell back and luckily Ashton caught me by my arm. "Sage? Seriously" sage smiled and popped a piece of popcorn in her mouth. "Your welcome and get inside" she left the door open and we come inside. I see Katy passed out in Luke's arms and Mike and Emily cuddling. Sage climbs up to Calums bunk and lays down. I lay on my bunk and pat the spot next to me, he lays down and kisses me on the cheek. We fall asleep in eachothers arms.    The girls and I run to the studio with the guys behind us walking. We finally get there to see 6 students standing in front of us. "Sorry for being late" I say and I take a sip of my coffee. "Cameron and jaz go on in harmonize Katy help them." I say and sat down, "can't wait for tommorow" I faceplant into the soft couch. "I want to party" ashton said "with no alcoholic drinks... Camp said so and Harry was told not to." I say ashton sighs "dang it" and laughs.   "Thank you again bye" katy said while we waved at them bye. "So tired can't wait for tomorrow" I say as I take a bite out of my burger. "Ya 2 days off than we have a week left" ashton says looking down "I'm gonna miss you" I say frowning "me too" Ashton said putting his arm around me "this is depressing... Let's see a movie" sage said we all agree "what to see" Mike said "horror" I said smiling "YES!" Calum screamed "human centipede!" Before we could protest we were pulled into the movie theater. "Can you get me a popcorn and slushie" I ask Ashton with puppy dog eyes. "Ok" he kissed my cheek and left. The theater was huge, Emily and Mike were in the way front, sage and Calum were in the middle and katy and luke were with them. Ashton and I got the back because we won rock paper scizzors... And plus we don't want Emily and Mike to get down and funky in the back so. Anyway i get comfortable and watch the commercials. Ashton brought us a slushie and popcorn. I kiss him and he puts me in his lap... Why waste a seat were you could share one. I rubbed my hands up and down his back as the lights get darker and he starts to kiss my cheek and jawline. As the movie began I start to become sleepy... I yawn and wrap my arms around him. I don't even watch the movie we were just cuddling. I straddle him and kiss him... More like I stuffed my Tongue down his throat... So lady like. We kept the noise level to a zero since we had people with us but I swear I was about to climb him like a... Jungle gym? So sexy sounding I know. We finally stop and I trace his perfect jawline. I turn my head back and forth like a confused dog. He bites his lip and said "I wish we could party by ourselves tomorrow" I smile and he starts to kiss my neck. I bite my lip to stop from moaning... Shiiittttt..,. He found my sweet spot. I bite my lip and hold it back I see ashton smile. I smile and lean into him and start to watch. Lemme just say I lost my appetite and i was focused on the movie when ashton poked me and pointed to katy and luke. Katy was curled into him scared and luke was comforting her. I smiled and curled into ashton. I kiss behind his ear and whisper with my lips against his ear "let's go movie jumping and be alone" he smiled and texted luke saying that the movie was making me sick so we are going to a diffrent one. I wave toward them but katy didn't notice the only person that knew was Luke to tell you the truth. Ashton opens the door for me and we look at the other choices. "Why don't we just go dance" I say ashton looked surprised "sure". Me being a lazy human left my dance bag in the studio. We head toward the studio and I grab it and put on a leotard in the bathroom. The leotard was my least favorite because it exposed my hips but that's fine.  Ashton went wide eyed "you look awesome" "stop staring at my ass" I joked.   What happened. Ashton and I woke up in his bed. He whispers "stop moving" I look to my right to see my baby ashton. "Hey what happened" "well I watched you practice dancing until you were tired and passed out" "thanks" I kiss his forehead and put my lips against his ear and whisper "I love you" he smiled and pecked my lips and repeated what I said.   "Bella! It's 12:00 we are leaving in 2 hours!" Katy said shaking ashton and I. "Wait what" "get you asses out of bed!" She said stumbling over clothing she threw out. I hurried to the restroom to fix my face  "Bella..." Katy says "yes" "go to the bathroom now" "why" she shoves a makeupbag of pads and tampons. I run into the bathroom to see my underwear ruined "noooo!" I say "it's ok thank god it Happend now then when you were in bed" she said calmly. I do my business and thank katy and run back to the cabin to change into my green dress. I quickly put the dress on and place natural makeup on. I stuff all of my extra clothes and more... Into a Louis Vuitton backpack (Harry gave it to me). "Get your shoes on ladies we are leaving." Mike yells "shiiitttttttttt!" I say as I look at my hair "we have a car I'll do your freaking hair in the car" sage yells as she throws my earrings at me. She hops on one foot to the door fixing her earring. "Bella come on babe" ashton begs at the door. "Ashton I'm trying" I say as the feeling of 100 hungry wolves in my ovaries. I open the door and ashton takes my bags. I bend over and place my hands on my knees "this is gonna suck" I say to myself. 


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