When I met you in the summer- Ashton Irwin fanfic

Bella goes to this music camp for the best of the best bands/artists/musicians and she well meets a very special guy. His name is Ashton Irwin and how they meet is that 1. She's Harry styles sister 2. Her and 5sos has to share a cabin for the summer...


3. Date?

Bella's POV:
My dreams were flashbacks of the night. I love him. And he loves me. I wake up to see Emily shaking me "dude your the last to get up hurry" she threw me an outfit and did my hair as I did my makeup. "Your an awesome friend" I say "you have done so much for me so I mean what are friends for" she said as she smiled at me "holy crap you are amazing" I say looking at my hair "I am a hair stylist so" she said "i forgot" I say rolling my eyes. "Thanks again" "welcome now go you are suppost to be with Ashton at drums and here" she tossed me a banana "now go!" I run I then notice how good I look this is why I have Emily. I mentally thank her and hurry to drums I hurry inside and see girls flirting with him he just stands their awkwardly he lights up as he sees me. "Do I have to talk to y'all again" I say to them "you can talk all you want lookin like that" a guy I the back says that starts comments like "nice ass" "she's so sexy I'm getting in her pants" and stuff like that "shut the hell up you horny little teenagers! Dude in the back you are not getting in my fucking pants your so sick I mean really? Your hair is hidious so that's a no, and his friend ya you stop looking at my ass you ..." I was cut off by him "what are you gonna do honey" he said I jumped off stage and broke a drum stick "I'm gonna either A:stuff it up your disrespectful ass or B: I'm gonna sucker punch you and drop kick you and hit you with this or C: let you off by shutting your mouth chose" I say holding the drum stick to his face "the third one" I drop the drum stick and nod "great I think we are gonna talk about respect today cause obviously you haven't understood it" they groan and Ashton whispers in my ear "you look beautiful" I laugh and smile. "Now let's start with girls you respect yourself don't just throw yourself out there and don't just flirt with a guy you barley met and respect yourself please and if a guy has ever beaten you you call me and I'll beat the fucking shit out of him, oh and boys you are not men men respect woman while you are trying to flirt with me well guess what we aren't just material objects we are human beings! You respect us!" I say loudly the girls cheer "ok umm anyway leave before I screw up someone's face now go" I pointed toward the door everyone exited except for this one girl, she was the one who said the college humor reference. "You ok?" I ask her she hugs me "thank you for saying that" I hug her Ashton comes over there and hugs her too. "What's wrong you can tell me and ash we will keep it a secret" I say Ashton nods "ok umm well I need help by the way I'm Tess" she pauses and shows the bruises on her arms "my boyfriend is abusive he says no one will take me cause I'm ugly and I'm afraid if I leave him no one will love me" she said crying "look at me" Ashton said "you are amazing you are beautiful you made every boy take a double take on you I mean any guy would die to have you and you leave that dude he's a jerk and you are way above his level." "Thanks I uh..." I cut her off "Give me your phone what's his number" I say she tells me and I dial "hello babe wanna come..." I cut him off "you need to stay away from Tess she is way to good for you and if you lay one hand on her again I will break your freaking hands got it" "yes mam and what if I don't you don't know my name" I look at his contact info "it's mark and your two years older than her and your abusive and you deserve no one and I'm her friend and I'm gonna come to your house at 9000 Cherry ln and break your hands and make sure you don't got it" "yes mam" i hung up and blocked his number "there you go" I handed her her phone and hugged her "thanks" "welcome honey" she got up and left smiling. I smile and when the door closed I started pacing "what the heck!" I say Ashton stands up "I don't know why would someone do that to her!" He said "tommorow I'm gonna make her believe she is beautiful I'm gonna face time 1D and she's gonna feel a lot better" I say as I pace and sit down with my head in my hands. "She doesn't deserve that" he said patting my back. "Anyway sorry for the scene today I just got fired up" I say standing up and looking in the mirror to fix myself "it's fine I understand why they were looking at you" he got closer and wrapped his arms around me from behind "you look so beautiful and hot" he moved my hair and pecked my tattoo. "Thanks you look very hot" I turn around and say in his ear. "Dude we get to skip vocals and paint for the rest of the day" he said as we left "nice so we get bad clothes on and go were?" I ask"Katy knows " he said with a smile "ok let's go change" I race him to the cabin and I beat him to the cabin and put on a white crop top and white shorts. "You are so cute"  he said as he was in a muscle shirt and black jeans. "You are very hot" I say pulling him close he brushed his lips along my cheek to my mouth "common we are waiting" Katy said we nod and follow her "sorry for interupting" she said in my ear "it's fine" I slow down so I could be next to Ashton. Luke sped up and went next to Katy. "So why are we painting again?"Ashton asked "Because they needed help they are gonna bring younger people in and since we aren't old enough to just be cabin people we do stuff like this" I say "they said to paint it the way we wanted to" Luke added "but we arnt just painting... We are filming" Katy said I smile "oh ya who is filming?" Katy asked "Umm one of us and I told the manager that we are doing this they even gave us equipment!" I say "what song are we doing?" Katy said "Nicki Minaj song pills and potions or another one I forget" I pull out my vlogging camera "hey you guys Bella and Katy here and our new besties Ashton and Luke" I hug them and keep filming "were are we going Ash" I turn toward him "we are heading to a building to paint/film" I ruffle his hair "yep that's right the other half is there setting up and Luke do you want to be in the video? Too bad cause you probly will" Katy said "see y'all there" I turn the camera off. We walk fast to the building i vlog a little bit and turn the camera off. "Let's start off" I see the colors of paint and brushes I smile "let's do this what song are you thinking people" I ask "do u think black widow or pills and potions " Emily said "pills and potions" we all say "ok then let's start" 

Ashton's POV:
We walk back to the cabin with sandwiches and covered in paint. We got covered on a cover! I mentally laugh. I turn toward my right and see Bella. "I'm happy we decided to pick up late" I say  "why?" "Because I have an excuse to be with you" we get farther into the woods and sit down to finish our food. "You have something on your face" I smeared the paint on her face "thanks hon you do too like here ill help" she licked her fingers and made the paint smear everywhere. "Thanks" I grab a bunch on wet paint off my face and said "your hair" "no no" she ran into the woods not far but still. She stopped right in front of me. I stopped and inched closer she grabbed my hand. She had wet paint in her hands and she wrapped her hands around my neck I wrapped mine around her waist. She backs into a tree and pulls me closer. I see the red paint on her cheek I smile and whipped my thumb across it. I look into her beautiful eyes and I couldn't stand it "don't look at me like that" I said and got closer "like what?" "Like that your too beautiful" she pulled me into a passionate kiss. Our mouths were in sync. Her hands move up and down my shirt tracing my muscles. She then wrapped her hands around my neck again keep in mind we still haven't broken the kiss. She starts to play and tug a little at my hair. We stop to catch our breath "you are the best kisser" she said I smirk and she blushed "that was out loud wasn't it" I nod "well it is true" I say into her ear. We then see Tess running toward us i back up before she sees us. She was out of breath "are you ok?" I ask "he's after me he's right there" I see a man running toward her she gets behind me and Bella goes up to him "Bella!" Tess and I yell the boyfriend mark threw a punch but Bella caught it and head butted him. She turned him around and put him in a head lock "mark you and Tess arnt ment to be she hates you you hurt her and you will never get with her ever again and I'm gonna call the police right now so get up now" she commanded he hesitated she tightend he nodded she released a bit. "Ashton take him please" I got him in a head lock and she kissed my cheek. Bella comforted Tess "Ashton lemme bring him forward If I'm gonna get in trouble possibly I want it to be me" she got hold of him and Tess and I caught up with her "BELLA! Is everything ok" jane screamed "this man has been beating Tess and after breaking up he came to assault her" I said Tess steped forward and spit on Mark. "We need the police now jane" Bella was serious. "Ok ok" 

Bella's POV
We see the flashing lights leave "Tess I'm gonna miss you here text me" I give her a hug and hand her my number "and FYI we need to hang and I'm gonna trust you with something only you my girls and the boys know... I think Ashton and I are dating... Don't tell anyone I'm trusting you" I say as I hug her one more time she nods "thanks again Bella" she said as she left with her mom. Ashton had his arm around me "so proud of her" I say he agrees "let's go back to the cabin and shower" I say he picks me up and carries me back to the cabin. "Thank you" he then opens the door and after we grab our clothes we head toward the showers. 

"Katy! We have to make a short video today next week we will post the thing we still need to edit!" Sage said "Katy come one stop kissing Luke we all know your lip ring buddies but still" Katy comes inside holding Luke's hand giggling "Emily get here now we have to react to 5sos keeks/ funny interviews" I say as I set up the tripod with my canon on it "come sit on the bunks we have to film" I say the girls sit "hello it's... American summer!" We all scream "today we are all not wearing makeup because we just took the most real shower because we just filmed our cover and 5sos was in it and we were thinking why don't we react to there keeks it was the most requested so" I say "nooooooo!" Ashton screamed and came in "don't do it" "too bad" sage paused "we will put the videos in the corner". We first started with the dirty pickup lines and then keeks. "Micheal Clifford!" Emily screamed "let's play titanic? Lil nasty!" She whacked him in the back of the head. "We should probly end this" Katy said "yeah love y'all and the addiction song of the week is.. Drum roll please" I pause and bang on the trunk "work by I-G-G-Y!" Emily said "any way love y'all" Katy said "byeeee!" I said as I turned the camera off. "I will never take chocolate milk seriously" Ashton laughed. i get up off my bed and head toward Ashton he was on his phone. I lay down next to him and pull my phone out and take a selfie. "Ashton get in the picture" I say and we both make weird faces toward my phone. I post it on IG and comment my pic with- My New Bestie... Sorry Niall😂💕. I got a comment by Niall saying "I thought we were besties what ever bells😂". The comments were nice only about 9% weren't like always. Comments were like 'yall r so cute together' or 'new ship name Ashlla or Belston' or my favorite 'Ashton is too good for you your such a slut'. I show Ashton the comment and laugh "I need to do a video on hate comments" I tell everyone "totally that goes on the list" Emily says "ok night y'all we have a big day tomorrow" Calum says. I got out of his bed and kissed his cheek. "I would but the beds tiny" I whisper. I wasn't Lieing but the real reason is sage might put it out of twitter. Luke gets up and turns the lights off.

I wake up to hear the song "We are done" by the madden brothers. I get out of bed and everyone follows. "Mike if you don't get out of bed Emily won't kiss you today" Calum said. Mike got his happy ass up and started to get ready I laugh and kiss Ashton on the cheek "wanna go on a date tonight" he asked "just us?" I ask "yes just us today's our day off so I think we should be with our bands today and we have the date tonight wear something nice" he said smiling "ok love you" I say  "I love you more" he said. The boys left to go grab them and us food and we stayed were we were. "That's sweet of them" Emily said curling Katy's freakishly long hair. "Ya y'all what to write a song today?" I ask they agree "so what are you doing tonight bells you seem really happy like really" sage said smiling "I have a date with Ashton tonight" I say giggly "that's sweet let's wait to do your hair we will make you look awesome" Katy said. "You mean Emily will make you look like a boss and we will contribute nothing" sage said "yep" Katy smiled Emily laughed as she finished the last few strips of her natural red hair. At that moment the boys walk in with food Emily unplugged her wand. "Thanks you guys y'all are the best" Katy said standing up and kissing Luke's cheek. Ashton gave me a can of soda and a sandwhich "thanks hon" I kissed his cheek "why are you eating lunch food it's breakfast" Mike asked "cause she likes to have that type of food for breakfast" Emily said and shrugged I hear my phone start to play Jungle by X-Ambassadors and start to sing the lyrics and bang on the floor the girls and I start to harmonize and hit the floor like its a drum. When the song ended we start to laugh and clap "We love this song like we are addicted" sage told the boys. They nod slowly and i grab my phone "crap someone was calling me" I look at my missed calls "Tess called" I said and called her back and put it on speaker "hello?" She asked "hey girl your on speaker right now 5sos and the rest of the girls can hear you" they cheer "wasssuppppppp" she screams "how are you" Ashton asked "good I mean I wanted to call and say I'm back home and he's in jail! He's done with life sentence it turns out he escaped jail! That asshole got what was coming for him" said excitedly we whoop and holler "that's right did Harry call you?" I ask "Yes.... And facetimed" "so what Happend" I asked and turned it off speaker phone and they groan in irritation "y'all shut up I'm dealing with Tess ok... Gosh anyway you are off speaker FYI they are just wombats ok.. Anyway" I heard her giggle and say "ok well Harry ft me and said 'wow Bella wasn't kidding she's beautiful' but he didn't know I was listening and we have been talking sense" "and has he asked you and if my brother hurts you tell me I'll beat the shit out of him" "no no no don't do that he hasn't asked me to be his gf but we have a date tonight" "well ok have fun" "thanks got to go love you" "love you too Tess bye" I say and end the call. And I finish my food "what's up with Tess"  Ashton asked as we throw the food away "Harry and her are going on a date" I say he nods "i think it's cute" I say shrugging. "Ya so what are you and them doing today" he asked "we are writing what about you" "same" I nod and smile "well I can't wait untill tonight" I say smiling "me too I have something special planned" I smile. I wonder what he's gonna do it's killing me I'm so inpatient. I grab my lyric book and my pen and put it in my bag. The girls were waiting on me "Bella your in your pjs" sage said "oh yeah" I go toward my trunk and put on a palmtree sunset tanktop and dip bleach shorts. I put on my vans and grab a hat and head out. "It's hot today tonight it's suppost to like drop in temperature" Katy said while using her hand as a fan. "That's good so what are y'all doing tonight" I asked "we are all going on dates I'm going on a picnic with Luke in this field" we awee she blushed "I'm going to the movies" Emily said we awee again "I'm going to the little lake pear thing we are gonna eat there and swim" sage said we awee again "well that's cute i don't know where I'm going so" I shrug they ohhhh "well we will have to get ready and help each other" Katy said "ok Emily your in charge of hair and I'll do yours, Katy your makeup, I'll do outfits, and sage you do nails ok?" I say they smile and nod we all put our fists in the middle of the circle and do the explode thing. We finally arrive at the room in which we were writing in and sit down. "So I have some lyrics it's called You don't even know my name" I pull out the sheet of lyrics and sing off (FYI I actually wrote this it sucks I know) "oh 12x OUH
Oh 12x OUH 
I see you walking down the street
Nodding your head to... the... beat
We both know you're listening to Green Day
In your blink 182 shirt that's okay 
every Girl despises you...
But I'm not like them dude...
I really like you...

I see you all the time
But I don't have the guts to come up and say hi 
My heart starts beating 
And I can't control it no more 
I can't control this feeling 
I can't hold it in anymore
And I can't stop thinking about you
I'm starting to dream about you
And I need your loving tonight!
But it won't happen cause ... 
You don't even know my name!

Uh, uh, you don't know my name, uh, uh, uhhhh

I always see you in school 
Rockin the rocker look
I try but can't pull that off 
I guess your just that cool
You walk past me
Probably thinking 
I'm just an outcast reject
And I know it's true
But in the inside you are too! 

And I'm waiting for the day 
were you will come up to me
And I just want to say 
"You are all I need cause we are ment to be!" 
But you'll never... Ever... Everrrr know cause...
You don't even know my Nameeeee!
(Chorus starts playing in background at the e's) 

No you don't know my name
No... You don't even know my nameeeeee...OUH!" I say "nice I love it!" "Let's do this" 

We fast walk to the cabin the boys left a note "we are still out be there in a few hours" "crap! Hurry" the girls say as we do what we are suppost to do. I pick out their outfits sage got hers first which was a strapless purple flower dress. Some 2 in wedges and got her blue triangl swimsuit. I handed it to her and she thanked me I gave Katy a lace croptop, floral skirt, and boots. I gave it to her and then I did Emily I got her a very cute light fitting floral dress that had the sides cut out. I then worked on me I put on a strapped croptop and a pink skirt. I run over to Katy and she does my makeup "those years at sephora helped you" I said she laughed as she started to apply makeup to herself. I go to Emily and she had done everybody's hair and had her makeup done. "Let's curl your hair" I say as I use a wand to do her hair she then used it to fix my natural curls. "I haven't done y'all's nails" sage saw we got a while "we will do our own it's fine" "are you sure?" "Yeah girl you have to leave earlier than us" we grab our colors I paint mine all white while the other girls paint them black (Emily), pink (Katy), and a black and white design (sage). I look in the mirror... Holy crap I look decent no I look better then that. It's amazing my self confidence rose like to the roof. I smile and Emily came behind me and hugged me from behind "we look amazing" I nod and smile and turn around to hug her. She knows what I've been through... I won't speak of it but she's been through it too we are friends for that reason. The other girls join the group hug and we all laugh "y'all are the best" I smile big and we all release the hug and laugh again. We put our shoes on and wait about 5 min and they show up looking sharp... Like hot. "Hey.... Your absolutely beautiful words cannot explain" Ashton said looking at me "thank you now were are we going" I ask and smile Calum and sage wave goodbye. And Emily and Mike left smiling. Katy and Luke stayed Katy smiled and waved as they held hands and walked. "Close your eyes" "i can't close my eyes and walk with heels" I say "I'll carry you then" he swept me off my feet and carried me to the place. My eyes were closed and had one hand over my eyes and one around his neck. "Here" he set me down lightly and I opened my eyes to revel a beautiful garden. "Holy crap" I say as I pass by the flowers and the fountain in the middle and on the other side was a dinner table with food on it. "It's beautiful" I say and hug him "not as beautiful as you" I blushed at his cheesy remark. He pulled my chair out and after I sat down pushed it in for me. "Thank you" I say smiling "wow this is amazing" I say looking around. "Thank you" he said smiling "so what's for dinner" I look down to revel pasta "pasta it's from the cafeteria" we laugh "you look... Hot oh crap sorry better than that handsome" I say smiling he smiled and his dimples showed "thank you beautiful" I blush again. We had small talk the whole dinner was amazing after we ate we talked for hours. it was dark and cold outside. "Let's listen to music" I say putting my phone on the table and playing green day . We sang a little and then he restarted the song it was '21 Guns'. He grabbed my hand and lifted me up and we started to slow dance and we rocked to the music. His hand on my hip his hand in my hand my hand on his shoulder. The stars shining bright and the candle on the table trying to compete with the stars but is losing. He twirled me around and I laughed and we continued to dance. He whisper sang the words in my ear his sweet Aussie voice made me smile. He stopped and I did the same as he did. I couldn't exactly reach his height since I'm a little above 5'6 but I attempted. I'm not a midget ok I'm just the shortest in the band, and the oldest. Anyway we start to move in a circle and he twirled me and dipped me. I shut the music out and just look at his brown eyes and smiled. He kissed me and I kissed back. Not breaking the kiss he put me upright. 'All the little things' start to play as we broke the kiss. I randomly dance and sing so does he. It was fun us running around dancing like kids. As the song ends we laugh. I turn the music off and catch my breath. "Well that was fun" I say smiling. "Yep we need to do it again" "of coarse" I kiss his cheek. "We should go back we are not on break tomorow you might be but I'm doing a lecture thing" I say sadly. "Ok ya I have to teach but oh well" I smile and grab my stuff. We grab our stuff and toss it in the trash. We hold hands walking back to the cabin. He opened the door for me I thank him. Katy and Luke were laying in bed laughing. "Were is everyone" Ashton asked "they are late" Luke said "oh ok so how was it" I ask sitting down "good until the sprinklers came on" Katy laughed "nice" we all laughed. "What about you" Katy said smiling "really really fun" Ashton said and kissed my cheek "yep it's really pretty outside" I say "yes when we were out there it was very nice" Luke said. "I... We have to go take this makeup off" Katy said grabbing pjs and her stuff and signaled me to do the same. I feel a stab in my stomach, without anyone noticing  I quickly grab my supplies and hurry out. "Why are you hurrying" "because unless you want it too look like 300 then we should hurry" I say smiling "shit" we jog to the restroom and I take care of it and wash my hands. I remove my makeup and so does Katy. As we walk back to the cabin we see the rest of the gang and the boys heading our way. We wave and head toward the cabin. "I'm so tired" I say laying in my bed "same here". I went on Twitter and tweeted 'just hung out with the emos 😂' and not one second later Ashton said 'we arnt emo! we have pony shirts... You and your brother' Ashton walked in the cabin and laughed. I went up the girls and boys and hugged them and kissed Ashton. "I'm going to bed I'm tired" I say and salute to my bed. I hop in bed and turn off the lights "I need a cuddle buddy" Katy said. "Luke or Bella" sage said "nope Luke your doing it" Ashton said and got up and hopped in bed next to me and hugged me from behind. I smile and instantly pass out... I told you I was tired. 

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